This is my homemade trackball made from two mouses. The first one is a optical mouse. It detects where the ball is. The second mouse holds the ball and operates the buttons.
Don't you have to invert one axis, somehow?
no, the opitical mouse senses the ball moving and moves the mouse. But the left and right is mixed up. So i use a mouse programs that flips it.
That's what he meant by asking if you had to invert one axis I'm pretty sure. :D Nice work!
what is the program<br>
How is the soccer ball fixed in its position?
if you look closely, there is a piece of the center of a cd there (the part with the hole).
nice! good job! :D
Thanks!! :D :D
one question, why two cords? couldn't you have just made it with one?
the first cord senses the buttons and the second cord senses the movement.
As mice are low-power devices, you can match up the ps/2 and usb wires and solder them together. This would eliminate one cord, and allow for both devices to continue to work.<br>

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