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This is my homemade trackball made from two mouses. The first one is a optical mouse. It detects where the ball is. The second mouse holds the ball and operates the buttons.


klee27x (author)2010-10-30

Don't you have to invert one axis, somehow?

joespicnictables (author)klee27x2010-10-30

no, the opitical mouse senses the ball moving and moves the mouse. But the left and right is mixed up. So i use a mouse programs that flips it.

That's what he meant by asking if you had to invert one axis I'm pretty sure. :D Nice work!

Vijster1 (author)GrizzlyWizzly2011-08-21

what is the program

Vijster1 (author)2011-08-20

How is the soccer ball fixed in its position?

if you look closely, there is a piece of the center of a cd there (the part with the hole).

salomon1996 (author)2010-10-23

nice! good job! :D

Thanks!! :D :D

one question, why two cords? couldn't you have just made it with one?

the first cord senses the buttons and the second cord senses the movement.

As mice are low-power devices, you can match up the ps/2 and usb wires and solder them together. This would eliminate one cord, and allow for both devices to continue to work.

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