Picture of Homemade Travel Games
These instructions are for a 3 x 5 inch travel game you can fold up and take with you.
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Step 1: Gather supplies

Picture of Gather supplies
- colored felt (pick colors so you can have light on dark or dark on light to be able to see the pieces better)
- Glue
- Cardstock (alternatively you can use 3x5 index cards, but they will be less like a book and be more susceptible to damage from wear)
- A cutting tool, straightedge and cutting board for cutting the paper and cardstock (I used a pocketknife for the cardstock and the instructions. You can use other cutting tools as available.)
- Scissors (to cut the felt)
- Wide colored tape (I have blue duct tape)
- Instructions for the game you want to include (optional)

Step 2: Optional - Preparing the Instructions

Picture of Optional - Preparing the Instructions
- I created the instructions to be a tri-fold page that is cut to be about 4" x 2" so that it will fit nicely inside the book when folded.
- When I printed the page, I put a border line at the top and the bottom of the instructions to ensure I'd end up with a page that cut properly. You can see this in the instructions displayed in the image of the materials.
- I used the straightedge and pocketknife to cut the page
- I then folded the page leaving one section to be glued to the book.

Step 3: Creating the book cover

Picture of Creating the book cover
- I cut the cardstock into 3" x 5" pieces
- Then, I took the duct tape and taped both sides, leaving about a ½" gap between the covers of the book to give it more of a 'book' appearance and to allow it to be folded easier..
- A couple of hints.
o The cardstock had a back side that ended up being the inside of the book.
o Also, since I didn't want the duct tape seam to show, the seam is on the inside of the book.
Kiteman7 years ago
It's good to see ancient games being resurrected - I make card versions of Hnefatafl and Nine-Men's Morris for my classes to play at the end of the school year. (For those wishing to look for more information, Hnefatafl translates as "King's Table")
not-bob (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I definitely had fun designing this and doing the research. Thanks for the comments.
Fun idea! Looks small.
not-bob (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks! The design is easily adjusted to be whatever size you want. This size was arrived at by thinking of something that would easily fit into a pocket, but there's no reason you couldn't make a larger version for a different game. I found some instructions for a Vulcan chess game that I nearly made. While it would have fit on this board, a larger one would have been better. If you make one, let me know!