How to Make a Diy Vape


Introduction: How to Make a Diy Vape

Update: I found a way to make it battery powered by using an 18650 battery I might mke an instructable about that the picture is a prototype in which the vape is massively simplified to show the parts and stuff

Step 1: Homemade Vaporizer

This is a semi tutorials/learning experience for those of you out there who want to make a vaporizer

Step 2: The Body

The body is made of a wooden plank/board thats about 1/4 in thick and the back plate is 2 1/2 in width and 4 1/2 in length. The side pieces are about 1 in in width and 4 1/2 in length. The front top and bottom plates are made from a clear plastic box lid, and there is a hole in the bottome plate for the usb cable to go through

Step 3: The Electronics

The electronics are the simplest part of this mod. All I did is take an ordinary usb cable (I think it came from a camera charger) and I cut off the end with the micro usb connector (you want to leave the end shown on the picture alone) then located the positive and negative wires (red and black) and striped the ends of there protective sleeve (im explaining this all in depth in case some of you don't know what im talking about) then I connected the wire to one of the terminals on my switch. Then I connected some spare wire to the other terminal of my switch. With the negative lead I just connected some wire to it to extend it. These wires will lead to the two leads of your coil.

Step 4: Stuff About It

So basically this vaporizer car be described as an unregulated mechanical box mod, and its made entirely from household materials. Since you probably wont make one exactly like the one I have made its ok if you tweak it to work for you.
So first im going to talk a little about how it works and stuff, so this mod is run off of usb which means you can either have it attached to a laptop, pc, or something like a portable android charger.

Step 5: The Coil

The coil is the part that heats up to produce your vapor. Im using wire from the inside of a hair dryer (if your hair dryer is like mine the there is a big wire inside and a smaller wire coil. Use the smaller coil after straighting it out).
I recommend using a micro coil for this mod. (Go look up rip trippers micro coil on YouTube. He explains it nicely. also wick it like how he shows you )
Now theres a few things you have to do to the coil before putting it into the atomizer. I will explain these things in the next step.

Step 6: The Dripper.

For my dripper I used a airsoft co2 container a little threaded secton of metal tubing roughly the same size as the co2 tank and a little wodden circle the same size as the bottom of my tubing. I drilled two small holes roughly the size of my wire (the wire from the hair dryer if your using that) in the bottom of the wooden disk in the centerish spaced about a millimeter apart. The glued the disk to the tubing. Then I cut off the top of the co2 tank off about 1- 1 1/2 in length and wraped sone electrical tape around it till it fit snuggly in the tubing. The inside of my tubing is threded too witch alowed me to screw in the mouth piece ( the co2 tank) so its air tight. Then I glued the bottom peace of my dripper to my top clear plastic body plate. (See in picture)

Step 7:

Also a side note if you want to make your own e juice use glycerin (you can find this next to the bandages in Wal-Mart (or at least thats where I found it) just make sure it says its 100% vegetable glycerin) flavors and really that's all. However if you want it to have nicotine you have to buy that specificly online or at a vape shop same with pg. See image for vapor production

Step 8: Assembling the Vaporizer.

Now that you have your parts made you can start to assemble them. Star by fiting the electronics into the box and if you need help reference tue illustrations in this step.
Now for the dripper, wick the coil and feed the ends of the coil through the holes in the wooden dripper bottom. Next bend them away from each other and connect the positive wire to one lead and the negative wire to the other lead (reference image #2) to see my finshed product see image 3

Step 9: Finished Product

Once your done it should look something like the picture I have drawn. Obviously its harder then I made it out to be and you probably wont even use the same stuff I did but hopefully you learned something and you can make your own style of vaporizer.



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    this seems super dangerous, you risk over loading and exploding the battery! just go buy a vape its not worth the risk of getting a face of hot lithium !!!!

    remove this. plugging yourself into mains power directly, as suggested, is potentially FATAL!!

    1 reply

    Is a USB charger, he is not connected into mains power, apently this work at 5v, you can conect this to your laptop.

    that's awesome!? is there a way to regulate how hot it gets?

    2 replies

    You could maybe add a potentiometer.

    im sure if you were smart enough and had the right parts you could but unfortunately I possess neither of those

    Pretty cool man. Wondering why you didn't get as many hate comments as I did when I made my own mod haha!

    1 reply

    Thanks, your instructable was actually the reason I got into trying to make vapes. And same like there was a few but it was literally copy and pasted

    Please make a tutorial!

    Of course!

    alright ill get started on that in a bit

    did you ever make that tutorial? if so can you post the link?


    Great if you are trying to replicate the facial features of Batman's two-face.

    Bloody dangerous and needs removing, Instructables I am saddened you even let these through sheesh