Here is a simple wakeboard, wakeskate winch that you can bring anywhere. Ride your wakeboard or wakeskate places a boat can not go. This is a very exciting project and for more info about beach winches go to http://www.beachwinches.com
You can use this winch for wakeboarding, wakeskating, skimboarding, snowboarding, etc. so this one winch is a very verstile machine.

Here is a short video describing what a beach winch is.

Step 1: First the Spool

First I built the spool

Here is my spool. I do cnc machining so I cut my spool walls out of heavy duty plastic. I am confident it will work just fine because i've seen it used before. If it doesnt work I will replace it with steel walls.
1/2 all thread.
1/2" galvenized pipe.
ny-lock nuts. 
Go Kart hubs.

Step 2: Drill/tap Your Hubs

I had to drill/tap a set screw into each hub. I also have the studs/cotter pins to make it a releasable spool if I dont like it this way.

Step 3: Assemble Your Spool

Asemble Your Spool like the pictures and make sure you threadlock your bolts. The 1000 bullet line was purchased here http://www.bulletlines.com/?Click=1676

Step 4: Now for the Frame

Now for the frame. I used 2" square 14ga tubing. It took a little less then 20ft to build. the base is 40x18" (not including the trailer hitch part). All the detailed measurments are in the picture below.

Step 5: Measure Twice

Make sure everything is square! Measure twice!

Step 6: Add Your Trailer Hitch

All done with welding, the motor mount is sloted for chain tension adjustments. I put 2 trailer hitch mounts, one tucks it up close for traveling and one sticks it strait out for riding.

Step 7: Prep for Painting

Paint prep/paint. Use paint thinner and a scuff pad to clean the metal, then paint. We used spray truck bed lining to make our winch rust proof and tough.

Step 8: Final Assembly

After the paint dries then you are ready for your final assembly. The wheels come on and off. (i still need to drill the hole for the trailer hitch pin so you can pull it without the wheels slipping off)

Step 9: Add Your Splash Guard

Put a splash guard on, and added an exhaust peice so it would not melt the splash guard. The splash guard protects your engine from rusting.

Step 10: Final Product Specs

All it needs now is a wakeboard handle for the line and the winch is complete!

Final Product Specs:

motor- 6.5 honda clone. 3/4" shaft with 10 tooth Centrifugal Clutch
chain- #41 chain
spool sprocket- 54 tooth
1" pillow blocks
1" axle
ATV roller fairlead
spool- 15" OD- adjustable ID 6" & 8"- 6" wide (easily holds 1000ft of bullet line at the 8" ID setting)

 when I burn up the CC I will be changing to a TAV2 torque converter and modifying my spool to be a releasing spool.

Did you build this?
Post a photo (or better yet a video!) photo of your Beach Winch in the comments below!

Thank you for reading my instructable! You may find this winch plan and more at http://www.beachwinches.com.
this is awesome. and i havnt even read it yet.
<p>how much rope did you use </p>
what software did you use to make that computer design id like to put my own twist on it
<p>google sketchup</p>
<p>Do you think that a 4hp lawn mower engine would be enough power? and would it work if I set the spool up side ways?</p>
made mine today haven't tried it yet but she should be fun
<p>it's looks good~</p>
Awesome looking winch you got there! If you want to upgrade later to a torque converter then look at eBay as they have the best deals. Thanks for posting!
<p>We are winch rope manufacture from China,This is our Alibaba website:</p><p><a href="http://www.hyropes.com.cn/" rel="nofollow">www.hyropes.com.cn</a>.If you still need the rope please contact me at:</p><p>Violet &lt;Violet@hyropes.com&gt;.</p>
<p>Hello, can you say what is thickness of rope ?</p>
<p>We are winch rope manufacture from China,This is our Alibaba website:</p><p><a href="http://www.hyropes.com.cn/" rel="nofollow">www.hyropes.com.cn</a>.If you still need the rope please contact me at:</p><p>Violet &lt;Violet@hyropes.com&gt;.</p>
<p>look for 2.5mm Dyneema</p>
Where did u buy ur torgue converter....???
Also what would happen if you didn't use any sort of torque converter and just ran a chain straight from the shaft coming out of the engine?
Little late to answer but your gonna get a winch that speeds up and slows down with pull, not hugely noticeable but worth the extra investment
About how much will this cost?
What size motor do you use? Is a 5hp two stroke big enough? It is from a pressure washer
<p>i used a 6.5 and could maybe do with a bit more. it does the trick tho</p>
<p>My Son loves this thing, he uses it for long boarding right now.we are going to try a pond soon, I used a torque converter set up, so I had to change just a few things.anyway, thank you very much for the post and who knew? I can weld!</p>
Awesome Winch! Like the wheels and paint job. <br><br>Get out there are rip it up! :)
<p>I love the simplicity of this design. Just a few questions about it:</p><p>1: what is the inner diameter of the spool?</p><p>2: I read in the comments that it pulls at 20 mph. If I geared it to go 30 (I can calculate the ratio) would it be strong enough to wakeboard? I will be using a torque converter.</p><p>Thanks!</p>
Thank you for your comment!<br><br>1. 8 inches<br><br>2. Depends on the weight of your rider. If you 200+ then you might be pushing it. If you truly want more speed then get a 11-13HP engine and take out the governor that caps your speed. Just as a warning though you will not be able to use your engine without the governor except your winch. Long reving of the engine might damage it. But for short winch runs you should be fine.
<p>My Son loves this thing, he uses it for long boarding right now.we are going to try a pond soon, I used a torque converter set up, so I had to change just a few things.anyway, thank you very much for the post and who knew? I can weld!</p>
<p>awesome! thats such an awesome idea, I really want to see a video of it in action!</p>
I'm a professional snowboard cinematographer and I was telling one of my riders that I was going to build a winch and he said to make sure it had a brake so the line doesn't come back and hit the guy running the winch. How do I add a winch to my design. <br>
I was just wondering if there was a way to make it continues.
You would prolly need to make a rope tow. <br>
would it work if you used a old rim off a car (probably very small one) as the spool?
One more question, what was the total width of your spool walls? I found one that has a width of 15 inches. Would this be too big to fit into your frame?<br>Thanks
Sorry misread the question...if the &quot;height&quot; of the side walls for the spool that is fine. The overall width of the spool should not be over 8 inches.
The width of the spools in this instructable is 8 inches. The height of the side walls is 15 inches. A 15 in width seems a little excessive. You only need at most 8 in for the width. Take a look at our new spools here: http://beachwinches.storenvy.com/collections/7287-spools<br>These are a higher quality spool which you need. The spool is one of the hardest things to build because it has to take a beating and not break under pressure.
I am currently buiding your winch and following your design and I have just about everything except the sprocket. I was wondering if you could help me find the sprocket you used?<br>Thanks
Thanks for your comment! The sprocket I used is a 60 tooth sprocket from NorthernTool.com. They have a good variety of sprockets. The gear ratio I have is 1:5 and hauls me (200 lbs) roughly 20+ mph on a skim board at full throttle. When you are done post your winch on these comments. Keep winchin!
Why did you start with centerifugal clutch? I am trying to figure out if I want to get the tav 2 clutch or the one you used. What are the main differences.
Starting with a centrifugal clutch for your winch build is a cheap alternative to get your winch up and running. Use a centrifugal clutch if you want to use your winch to skimboarding or snowboarding. But if your want more power so you winch is more versatile so you can wakeboard or wakeskate then go with the tav 2 clutch. Check out our website for more information http://beachwinches.com/TCvsCC.aspx
where do you get the bolt on bearing holders...the green things
hi mate your winch is a good idear just wondering if you could help me where did you get your middle hubs from ? i have made this winch up and is stead of making a spool i done one out of a cr rim and put metal around the out side to make my spool did not work ever well so i am going to do it propley and folow your desin.<br>thanks <br>
Hi Irobson, thanks for the comment! Check out our website http://www.beachwinches.com for this winch plan and a few extra plans too. We have a store filled with most your winch parts including winch hubs. The website will help guide you through the building process. Hope this helps. Thanks.
I finished mine today. It pulled a skier on grass for about 50 feet before the connecting link broke. I welded the chain, so it should be good for a while now.
Quick question about the hubs, do the hubs have a groove to lock into or do they have a screw against the bar.<br> If there is a slot how does if fit the pillow block.<br>I think if i could see more pics of the shaft and the hubs on the shaft I would understand.<br><br>I'm in the process of building the frame, spool is the next project.<br>Great ible by the way
The most common hub used in winches is the go kart hub. Most of these hubs have keyways and locknuts all ready in. For a winch that will be pulling people on it what I would do is drill a small hole all the way through both the hub and the shaft and place a locking bolt through both to give you the best way to attach your hub.<br>Congrats on building your winch! Please share your pictures on here for others!
How about having a collar on the rope at a set distance from the end. When the collar enters a hinged split tube that is slightly narrower than the collar it activates a kill switch for the engine. That way there wont be any mishaps when the operator get too carried away spectating and the handle gets jammed on the spool !!
I have another winch plan that I can easily put on here. Plan on putting it on later this year so subscribe to me to be the first to be notified. The picture is a preview. Thanks to everyones comments!
TC2 1002 Replaces Comet 218353A TAV2 30-75 Torq-A-Verter which is no longer manufactured.<br><br><br>http://gokartsusa.com/Baja-Heat-Minibike-TC2-Torque-Converter.aspx
I am going to use this to Paraglide with... Static line towing sweet! <br>
I hope you know what you are doing. AFAIK this type of winch is not suitable for paragliders and it would be very, very dangerous.
This is fantastic. I've been contemplating a DIY build like this for a while, thank you for putting together the instructions. <br><br>Any sense on what the speed is for the winch?
Thanks for the comment! For this winch you are looking speeds between 10-15 mph depending on the weight of rider. Now if you installed a torque converter instead of a centrifugal clutch you can increase your winch speed to 15-20 mph.

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