Step 3: Assemble Your Spool

Picture of Assemble Your Spool

Asemble Your Spool like the pictures and make sure you threadlock your bolts. The 1000 bullet line was purchased here http://www.bulletlines.com/?Click=1676

AdamF1420 days ago
ThomasSmith4 years ago
One more question, what was the total width of your spool walls? I found one that has a width of 15 inches. Would this be too big to fit into your frame?
Mr Gollahon (author)  ThomasSmith4 years ago
Sorry misread the question...if the "height" of the side walls for the spool that is fine. The overall width of the spool should not be over 8 inches.
Mr Gollahon (author)  ThomasSmith4 years ago
The width of the spools in this instructable is 8 inches. The height of the side walls is 15 inches. A 15 in width seems a little excessive. You only need at most 8 in for the width. Take a look at our new spools here: http://beachwinches.storenvy.com/collections/7287-spools
These are a higher quality spool which you need. The spool is one of the hardest things to build because it has to take a beating and not break under pressure.
ThomasSmith4 years ago
I am currently buiding your winch and following your design and I have just about everything except the sprocket. I was wondering if you could help me find the sprocket you used?
Mr Gollahon (author)  ThomasSmith4 years ago
Thanks for your comment! The sprocket I used is a 60 tooth sprocket from NorthernTool.com. They have a good variety of sprockets. The gear ratio I have is 1:5 and hauls me (200 lbs) roughly 20+ mph on a skim board at full throttle. When you are done post your winch on these comments. Keep winchin!
lrobson4 years ago
hi mate your winch is a good idear just wondering if you could help me where did you get your middle hubs from ? i have made this winch up and is stead of making a spool i done one out of a cr rim and put metal around the out side to make my spool did not work ever well so i am going to do it propley and folow your desin.