Homemade Wood Metal Mini Lathe 100 % DIY With Aluminium





Introduction: Homemade Wood Metal Mini Lathe 100 % DIY With Aluminium

A mini lathe is a petite version of the larger lathe, and allow the user to work with a much smaller block of wood than the large lathe. The mini lathe is the ideal size to fit into a normal home, and can be placed on work benches or tables. Do it in my home is nice because it is very cheap and easy for DIY makers and those who work with small detail models may like to have a mini lathe. Rather than buy one, which can be costly, it is better to make a home model from a few pieces of aluminium and old hand drills and some home fittings. These mini lathes are complicated to make but you should be able to manufacture a few hours

More Step by Step Homemade Mini Lathe DIY Wood Milling CNC Router here:



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nice start but a parts list would be helpful

The video link is broken. Please repost it.