Homemade Wood Metal Mini Mill Lathe by Aluminium Alloy and CNC Slide

More Step by Step Homemade Mini Lathe DIY Wood Milling CNC Router here:

Motor take from old hand drill by using more powerful motor power is 144W

Headstock 80 mm ( lot on EBay ). .

Center height- 100 mm, distance between centers-350 mm,

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Working material: lignin plastic, soft metal( gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.), acrylic, plastic etc.

Axis Z travel 350 mm, Axis X travel 100 mm

Working material: soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.)


2 pcs 20mm x 620 mm linear shaft Cylinder Liner Rail Linear Shaft Axis CNC
6 pcs SC20UU SCS8UU 20 mm Linear Motion Ball Bearing Slide Bushing Linear Shaft for CNC

1 pcs aluminium alloy 122 mm x 160 mm x 20 mm

1 pcs aluminium alloy 122 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm

1 pcs aluminium alloy 122 mm x 700 mm x 12 mm for bed

Would love to see how it was actually made, there is only a miniscule amount of information here.