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So I figured ou t recently that nobody had posted any make your own yo yo (from scratch). All there is on yo yo's is how to change cheap plastic ones into not as cheap plastic ones that sleep. So I decided to make my own and here it is!

This yo yo is made of 3/4 inch birch plywood and can sleep for about 5 seconds and then dies (this is because of my lack of supplies or in other words i just didn't have a bearing to make it spin) it works well and costs less then ten bucks so thats a plus.

Hope this helps you guys out!

Step 1: Supplies/Materials

Picture of Supplies/Materials
1) 3/4 inch peice of wood (I used plywood)
2) A drill press
3) A a 2 1/4 inch bore i think is what  it is called with a drill bit in the center to get the axel centered (or pick your size)
4) A 2 inch bolt and locking nut (mine is a 1/4 inch bolt and nut)
5) Some sort of spacer for the center (a bearing is perfect but if you don't have one like i don't then a nylon fastener or the little blue spacers in k-nex sets work perfectly.
6) Yo-yo string (LeumasYrrep has a good instructable on this if you want homemade)
7) A sander, sand paper, or file to smooth edges (belt sanders work marvelously)
8) Two washers to go on the outside of the yo yo for stability
Newknifer2 months ago

does it have to be that thick?

Newknifer2 months ago

does it it have to be that thick?

kenzie droege2 months ago

does it work?