Homemade X Y Z Axis Slide for DIY CNC Router Milling

Homemade mini Milling DIY X Y Z Slide CNC Drill Home Built Lathe Router Machine

Perfect to fit the most critical part of your home made or professional CNC project.

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More economic, more precise, than if you try do it yourself, keep your effort and money for the rest of your project.

Stepper Motor already coupled and installed.

Easy mounting, thanks for the plenty of holes on the back side.

Z axis stroke: 135 mm.

Main dimensions: 400mm X 125mm X 100mm.

Ballscrew Shaft : The outer diameter is 10 mm, the pitch is 2 mm.

Double ball nut.

Aluminum alloy coupling.

Stepper Motor : 56 mm

Linear Guide: 20mm chromed harden linear

4 pcs 20 mm Linear Motion Ball Bearing Slide Bushing Linear Shaft

The housing material : aluminum alloy.