Picture of Homemade air filter
My kitchen was being remodeled and the air was dusty while being remodeled so I made this. It may sound stupid but the reason I used a box is so I get more airflow versus just sticking tissues to the front of the fan.

Things you'll need:
A fan (it will be better if it was a tower fan or a centrifugal fan)
A box
Some tissues 
Some tape (okay maybe a lot)
And a cutting tool of any kind

Step 1: Step 1: Cut a hole for the fan

Picture of Step 1: Cut a hole for the fan
Cut a hole for the fan slightly smaller than the fan itself. 
OWEN10578 (author) 2 years ago
Hi! if you want to make a range hood I suggest to use better filters than tissue papers, I made this cause I want to make a quick filter to filter out dust while the kitchen was remodeled.

Jakwiebus2 years ago
This is actually very simple but effective for making a quick range hood without having to break a lot of holes in the walls. I'm going to try this one day!
Awesome idea,
simple, but awesome!