Homemade Belt Sander Table





Introduction: Homemade Belt Sander Table

A clever way to use your belt sander, making it a essential tool in your workshop. Almost all my works go through this tool at some point, and you can continue use it as portable in seconds.
The first step is a bit painful, but necessary and useful, cut part of the housing sander to have more access to the rollers when sanding, this part is not in the video but can be seen on the sander.
The table is made of plywood, I have threaded the belt sander housing and I used two quick screws at the base to hold it. The guide is also of plywood, and have made two knobs with remains of plywood and M6 screws.
It is important to make a hole in the table to maintain ventilation of the belt sander, so I placed two strips of pine at the base of table. Check out the Youtube video

What You'll Need:
• A Belt sander
• Woodworking tools
• A piece of hard plywood 500x500x20mm
• A piece of hard plywood 200x200x15mm
• A piece of hard plywood 200x50x15mm
• Two plywood knobs 50x25x15mm
• Two M6 screw 50mm long
• Two M6 threaded inserts

You can also check out my website! www.paoson.com

Youtube Video



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    very nice to see another project of yours here, being a fan and customer for your plans. Happy new Year.

    thanks for this instructable.
    this is going to be a golden update for my belt sander.