I have 4 bicycles and they are taking too much space. I modified wall mount racks with a heavy duty hinge to stack them neatly and off ground.

Step 1: Materials.

Bicycle Rack and heavy duty 5 inch hinge. The rest are wood screws and bolts and nuts.
<p>Excellent idea! The hinges ARE GENIUS!</p>
How much space from the wall would you say this saves you? Seems like a great idea!
Hi, at least two thirds of the height of the bikes if they were hung vertically.....tilting to the side really save a lot of space. My wife is pleased.
<p>Great idea. I will make one insyaAllah...</p>
Thanks for your kind words!
This is a great solution! (Says the person with 4 bikes in the garage taking up way too much room)

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