Homemade Biplane





Introduction: Homemade Biplane

A homemade biplane that I made out of salvaged foam containers that cooking mushrooms are sold in! Hope you enjoy..



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could use some work ill try to find the charger for my phone so i can make a video of my home made banshee of halo ( flys very well )

Awsome plane. Just a helpfull suggestion, maybe put the battery farther back? This should even out the c.o.g(center of gravity). And also maybe angle the back elevators up to give more lift. 5 stars.

Thanks! I'll try that out :D

As of now it can't quite keep itself in the air but I plan on getting a lighter battery and possibly a stronger motor and with any luck it should be able to fly!


Get a Xmod motor from a rc car fast motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the suggestion! With the huge selection of motors out there I was quite sure what kind to get :) I'll look into it


Your welcome look on ebay you should be able to at a chip kit for 4$ with motor in it or just a motor for chiper!!!!!!!!!

this is awesome! i made one sort of like this out of a cheap toy hovercraft, a straw, paper for the wings, and tape. it was so cool and would actually sustain flight as long as the infrared controller was in range! i was going to post an ible but the motor fell apart and i couldn't fix it. if i can get another hovercraft i'll make one.

Cool!!! That sound awesome, tell me if you ever get an ible up on it :D