video Homemade black powder
.3g of my homemade black powder. It has some fair go to it..

75 KNO3
15 C6H7O
10 S

Not too hard to make, it's fairly fine and fast but it doesn't come across excellently on my crappy kodak camera. At the moment I'm turning a small cannon..stay tuned.
bpetno2 years ago
hey man how dangerous or likely is it to auyoignite. im 15 and want to make some for model rockets but my parents think it would go off if i dropped it or something

Blackpowder? It's pretty popular, it'd be famous for being sensitive if it were. Blackpowder explodes though, I think you'd want RCandy as a propellant.

You can a actually get all these parts in the hardware store, kno3, saltpeter, you can get in Lowe's as Spectracide stump remover, about 5 or 7 bucks a pound 99 percent pure, but it is as coarse as sugar granules, so you will have to mill it. Charcoal can be bought in stores or made using wood, and you can sometimes get sulfur as a fertilizer for plants, though sulfur is the hardest to find, if you guys on a budget can't find sulfur I recommend making sulfur less black powder. And there you have it: you can now make any size bomb or grenade or even a musket with items you can pick up at a hardware store. I LUV AMERICA,
mrmuffin3 years ago
knex got dissed.
mr.space6 years ago
good starting mix, did you ball mill it? if not that's something I'd consider doing, as it vastly increases quality. is that ascorbic acid in place of charcoal? As that may also be reducing the overall quality
nonickname (author)  mr.space6 years ago
It's charcoal.

It's milled to as fine, probably finer than meal.


And oops, I stuffed up the numbers. should have been C7H4O, not C6H7O :)

"A mixture of homogenized saltpeter (KNO3) and charcoal (empirical formula C7H4O). Confined into a closed space, this mixture explodes violently if heated up to 400 centigrade. By adding sulphur to this mixture, the ignition temperature is reduced significantly. The mixture containing sulphur develops white smoke versus the sulfurless powder burns near smokeless."

My charring process isn't hot enough for my charcoal to be pure carbon, I might use an oxy-fuel torch and try that some day.
Looks good but why is this in knex??
nonickname (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
read the tags, was kinda dissing knex..