Homemade chocolate using cocoa powder

Picture of Homemade chocolate using cocoa powder
Most of us can't get cocoa beans where they live, or it's just too expensive. With this simple Instructable I will show you how to make delicious chocolate at home using only the basic ingredients which everybody has at home or can get at local supermarket for small amount of money.

For your convenience i wrote down all the measurements in metric and American system, if I conver metric to american wrong let me know.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients you will need for this Instructable are:

Milk - 150ml (2/3 of a cup)
Cocoa powder - 220g (2 cups)
Butter - 160g (3/4 of a cup)
Water - 230ml (1 cup)
Flour - 30g (1/4 of a cup)
Sugar -120g (1/2 of a cup) - if possible use powdered sugar

Step 2: Step 1

Take 220g (2 cups) of coca powder (make sure you take as finer powder you can find, look at the picture) and put them in a bowl. Take 160g (3/4 of a cup) of butter and put them in bowl containing the cocoa powder. Using a spoon grind bigger pieces of cocoa powder. I recommend chopping the butter in smaller pieces for easier processing. Put the contents of the bowl in a blender or a food processor and blend them into a fine paste (check the last picture), if you don't have an access to a blender or a food processor you can use a regular mixer for the job but I will warn you, it will be messy.

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
Put 230ml (1 cup) of water in a pot and put the paste you made in previous step in it. Heat it up until its hot, but not boiling. Put the fluid back in the bowl and add 150ml (2/3 of a cup) of milk , 30g (1/4 of a cup) of flour and 120g (1/2 of a cup) of sugar in while it hot. Put the mass in a food proccessor or mix it by hand until you get rid of the lumps.
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the chocolate is not being frozen after 6 hours !!!!!!!

AreebaA24 days ago

i want to this recipy without butter

Find a different recipe, this one is terrible.

JamaicanF3 months ago

I have a much easier recipe will post an instructable soon

josh.zirpoli3 months ago

I went through and calculated this out in to cups by the grams given. The recipe was way off. But here is my conversion. I haven't tried it out yet but hopefully it will be good.

2/3 cup milk

Little under 1 cup cocoa powder

¾ cup butter

2 TBSP flour

Sugar ½ Cup

Which Flour to use??

LoRenP5 months ago

Your conversion from metric to American is wrong! Or something is wrong! Two cups of cocoa powder makes it horrible and not edible. It requires a whole can of cocoa. 2 tablespoons would make it edible and plenty chocolaty.

kupkake.lala5 months ago

disgusting! im tring to make a cake out of it so far no good

LikeAJ5 months ago

I just made this but instead of cooling it then melting it, I poured it right over peanut butter and set it in the fridge! I hope it nummy!

dls34916 months ago

can xantan gum be used in place of the flour

boobear987 months ago

it turned out great and I used it for cookies

can we melt butter and add cocoa powder?

zolam19999 months ago
It was disgusting I was really disappointed
zolam19999 months ago
I tried this and first of all the butter and cocoa did nOT make a paste. And when it was done it was disgusting. O_O
fr8rain1 year ago
Dosen't mixing butter with cocoa make cocoa butter? If you're using real butter and not fake stuff?

Cocoa Butter is a butter made from cacao oil - oils extracted from the cacao bean - it's a plant butter, basically. What other commenters are saying is that cocoa butter solidifies firmer than dairy butter (or other oils/fats), therefore chocolate made with cocoa butter is harder and slower to melt than if it were made with dairy butter.

PramodhJ10 months ago

Hey. Your article was really informative. I just want to try it right away but only one thing is stopping me. I am little confused with in ingredient "FLOUR".

I was wondering what flour it could be Rice, Wheat, Maize .....

I'll be eagerly waiting for a reply so that i can start with my first home made chocolate... :)

lklaws11 months ago
Lmao youre not supposed to mix the water into the chocolate mixture good heaven's. You put the water in a pot and put the bowl of SAID MIXTURE over the simmering water... I think it would be best to re read and comprehend the instructions over. Cocoa butter gets harder so would be betyer to use if you can find it though... And powdered milk vs regular milk would also work better. Try YouTube for different recipes ita easier to see it done than to juat read it.
RpAus1 year ago
Made this version last week substituting baby milk formula for flour and using dark cooking cocoa (I was looking for toddler friendly treats) Just used a centimetre square piece straight from the freezer to make the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted ! 1 cup hot milk + 1 square chocolate. Thanks for the recipe, it's my new favourite!
Just put them in the freezer! Can't wait!
sbassa1 year ago
try this recipe, it is the same but with no water
it will not be runny like so many people that have posted here
mkambas sbassa1 year ago
answer to earlier post by sbassa:
i did visit the wikihow and, suprisingly,... it does use water!
enty12 years ago
Do you need to use a double boiler?
rrjackson2 years ago
does it matter if I use evaporated milk?
ShabanaN2 years ago
I tried this recipe.It tastes good but it is not becoming hard.Thanks in advance.Please help.
i dont have a food processor/blender, and i dont want to make much of a mess, so I am doing this step by hand.

be warned, this will tire you out VERY FAST if the butter is not soft and/or in small pieces!
Melt the butter beforehand., Then blend with the cocoa powder. It is easier.

Cocoa butter get it harder.
Oh thank you for commenting this! i am making this right now and my blender broke last week when my friend put glass in it! Thank you! :)
Sache_Chris2 years ago
My batch came out a bit runny so i added a little more that okay? After i did it became a bit more thicker and not so runny, right now it is in the fridge getting ready. Thank-you for your recipe also I learned i can use the same recipe to make cake, or icing.
for_the_win2 years ago
I will let u know how it went :D
nelfiejoy2 years ago
can i add sumthing to it like vegetables,im doing a project on shcool. please reply thanks
acarr82 years ago
Wow, I wish I'd read the comments BEFORE wasting the ingredients on this.

Yeah, my mistake. *sigh*

Anyone want some runny, chocolate-flavored slop?
harkejuice2 years ago
I think I am going to try to get the chocolate hot enough to temper it... I will maybe use small batches and a candy thermometer so I can get the hang of it. Great instructable!
Aserathiae3 years ago
Your cocoa powder looks rather pale, do you know if it contains any fillers/anti-caking agents? Where I live (NZ) cocoa powder is a very dark brown, just wondering if there is a difference in quality....
Dutch-process cocoa powder is processed with alkalai so its less bitter and more pH neutral.

All-natural cocoa powder is pure cocoa solids and is darker but is straight up inedible by itself. It is quite acidic, around 4 on the pH scale.

All-natural would be a bit harsh here. As would Hershey's Special-dark.

most of this from
I think it's more a trick of the light than a colour difference.
My cocoa is only slightly darker than that anyway, and I also live in NZ, maybe it's the brand, because the expensive cocoa I have is a lot darker as well.
ah well, i'm sticking with Pams.
every time i try blending it it just clumps up into a giant butter/cocoa lump!!! am i doing something wrong?!?!?!
You maybe want to chop the butter up finer before you blend it, pulse on low then give it the spurs once it doesn't jump around so much.
LisaJanet2 years ago
I am excited to try this. Was wondering if I could substitute the butter and milk for thick cream. I have a jersey cow and making the butter is always hard work. 1 liter of cream makes 500g buttermilk and 500g butter. I am going to give it a try! Will let you know.
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