Introduction: Homemade Chocolates (also a Great Prank)

Picture of Homemade Chocolates  (also a Great Prank)

Since nobody has made an instructable on how to make chocolate, I will!
I will also reveal a prank...

you need:
molds or silicone ice cube trays
chocolate chips or melting chocolate is better
glass measurer

For prank:
tabasco and/or chili sauce

Step 1: Melt Away!

Picture of Melt Away!

put chocolat in microwave for 30 seconds at a time untill melted

Now spread with Spoon into molds

do the same but don't fill molds, just spread around edge and bottom like this

Step 2: The Hot Sauce

Picture of The Hot Sauce

freeze until hard then take out for next step


Now mix the chili oil with the hot sauce, and then pour into molds

next you can either put some more melted chocolate on top as a lid, or if you are patient freeze the hot sauce in place and then pour onto hot sauce.

I will do both

Step 3: Filling

Picture of Filling

Now put the filling in then seal the top

(sorry for bad pics)

Prankster, you have a long wait ahead,
why don't you check out my other instructables?

Step 4: Freeze!

Picture of  Freeze!

Once it's all frozen take out, bang on counter and take them out of molds

Wala! ( I mean Voila!)


Randomguy65 (author)2010-04-07

LOL! Nice!

freakmonkey (author)2008-05-19

it's not really making chocolate, but i like the prank part.

Bartboy (author)freakmonkey2008-05-19

yes it is , the only difference between these and rogers chocolate is they put some filling in the chocolate like coffee creme, but most people don't have that so I used coffee grounds ;)

freakmonkey (author)Bartboy2008-05-19

well according to the 'ible you just bought some chocolate and melted it into a mold.

Bartboy (author)freakmonkey2008-05-19

yes but that is all they do in gourmet chocolate factories to.

asyrith (author)Bartboy2008-05-19

Actually, it's not what they do at all. A gourmet chocolate maker orders chocolate, yes, but it's usually with extremely high cacao content and unsweetened. This is chocolate in it's purest form. Chocolatiers take the chocolate, melt it down and add variating amounts of cream and sugar to make the chocolate sweet and delicious. The higher amount of pure chocolate used, the darker the chocolate. For creamy chocolate, they would add more cream. ;) The type of chocolate you are buying is not what a chocolatier would produce themselves. Melting chocolate, especially is not something you would find in a gourmet shop. It melts so well because there is food grade wax in it. It's not bad, necessarily, but it's not nearly as good as pure ingredients. Also, to make some filling yourself, is actually really easy! Just whip up some cream with a whisk or beaters. Add some sugar to taste and your brewed coffee and you now have your own fancy filling. :) That being said, I like the idea of using silicone molds. I'll have to go find some somewhere. :) The prank is funny, but it's actually becoming popular to have hot spices in chocolate to bring out the taste. Hope you got an amusing reaction out of however ate them. :)

Bartboy (author)asyrith2008-05-19

The higher amount of pure chocolate used, the darker the chocolate. For creamy chocolate, they would add more cream. ;)

Wrong! it's not cream they use, it's cacao butter

I took a class from
So I know.

also yes spices are getting popular, but I am using high scoville unit chilli sauce, and I used a whole teaspoon just for 2 chocolates

Bartboy (author)Bartboy2008-05-19

And yes I am using cheep chocolate, but oh well, have you taken any classes, because you know a lot of stuff that others wouldn't. thank you Bartboy

Bartboy (author)2009-04-25

I should probably re do this... I have more skillz.

grundisimo (author)2009-04-25

you can do this with horse laxative too.

nightninja87 (author)2008-08-24

take a few drops hot sauce mix with a preserve like marmalade fill into chocolate then put chocolate to cover back very nice flavour

billien (author)2008-05-19

i thougt the prank might be laxtives

Bartboy (author)billien2008-05-19

that would work! but hot sauce is what I had

golden snake (author)Bartboy2008-08-10

OH MY GOD really strong laxatives dissolved in hot sauce then not only will it make you go to the bathroom and give you a horrible taste and when you poop it'll burn LOL

Rokko8652 (author)golden snake2008-08-11

I can feel it now, make a batch, leave a letter saying to give to your co-workers...

golden snake (author)Rokko86522008-08-12


wondpook (author)2008-06-13

lol i you took this picture from the internet -.-;; how could this picture be good when ure other pictures were blurry?

Bartboy (author)wondpook2008-06-13

this was from a long time ago, back when I was taking the chocolate class I took, we had a hi definition camera instead of a 2 $ webcam

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