Introduction: Homemade Darts

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I'll teach you how to make a practical and very effective to play darts with friends, family and others.

You can also use darts to hunt small animals or insects to survive.

Who is better at aiming?

Step 1: Materials

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We will need:
Four sticks.
One needle.

Step 2:

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We take four sticks and wrapped together with the needle as seen in the picture, then take the yarn and wrap sticks so that they are secure.

Step 3: Aplicar Pegante

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When sticks are well secured with thread, apply glue on all the sticks.

Step 4: Make Form Paper

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Cut your paper so that it is a small part, then bend as shown in the image.

Step 5: Add the Paper to Dart

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Finally we adhere the paper to the dart, as seen in the image and add glue.

Step 6: End and Enjoy!

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