Introduction: Homemade (drinkable) Room Spray/ Air Freshener

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Homemade drinkable room spray isn't stay too far from your kitchen. I love tea. It has good smell, cheap, nature, and delicious. If you are tea lover, it also means you love its smell. Its smell is so sweet. When I'm making thirsty-wrap, I accidentally found tea can be used as room spray

Step 1: Things You Need

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One or two tea bags
A bottle or a cup
And a spray bottle

Step 2: Make It

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Tear the outside bag and take the tea bag.

Place into a cup and pour hot water in. The instruction said 150ml of water/1 bag but I'd like to use 300ml/bag because I don't drink it anyway.

Wait till it cooled and pour into spray bottle. Don't let any tea leap stuck on your spray bottle.

Note: if you add some sugar in, the smell will be changed

Step 3: Result

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This is what I got. Smell good, naturally and cheap. I can even drink it (might be next time).

Sorry if you think this instructable is too short and too easy (crazy too). It just a blink of idea that cross my mind :D. Cheer!


Sunshine1000 (author)2015-05-25

Good idea I love tea!

chelseabun (author)Sunshine10002015-05-25

Thank you. Happy making :)

powerfulparadox (author)2015-05-24

The name I often see commercial products that do something similar sold under is air freshener (in spray form, as opposed to the little plastic tree thingies). Nice discovery, by the way, and I really like your avatar.

Hi. I have many scented candle and wax at home. I don't like them at all. But this room spray make me feel really comfortable. Thank for your comment.

LucianoB5 (author)2015-08-23

Great idea simple but creative

chelseabun (author)LucianoB52015-08-24

Tthank you :D

MichaelP37 (author)2015-06-16

no stupid roach bait all over your house

chelseabun (author)MichaelP372015-06-16

Not even one. It seem they don't like tea :'(

kaeldra (author)2015-05-26

Tea also makes a geat dye. I wouldn't recommend using this in a room with carpet or near any cloth covered furniture. I've used tea to dye cloth many times in the past. Tea will also stain unsealed wood. In fact I just saw an instructsble on using snapple tea I believe it was as a wood stain.

chelseabun (author)kaeldra2015-05-26

Yes it is. But a small amount of it won't cause big problem. Bright color coth might be affected, and I believe laundry soap can make the stain fade away

nathanaloysiusbash (author)2015-05-24

Put like 4 shots of vodka in it. Bam. Disinfectant spray. And still drinkable.

Yep. But not good for children :v

You maybe not. But who are these children that like to drink unsweetened tea? Make this with kool aid, the children will love it.

It's a different story :). Add sugar if you want

blackarrow745 (author)2015-05-24

Ants? because of the natural sweetness in strawberries?

chelseabun (author)blackarrow7452015-05-24

Actually no. Strawberry is just a scent. And a small amount can't attract any ant

Bban (author)2015-05-24

Makes stuff sticky?

chelseabun (author)Bban2015-05-24


skepticaljay (author)2015-05-24

Sorry, but what is room spray?

chelseabun (author)skepticaljay2015-05-24

Hi. Home spray is a liquid which can be used to make indoor fresh air, also used as a scent

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