Homemade Electric Guitar Amp





Introduction: Homemade Electric Guitar Amp

This is an original design of an electric guitar amp(stage monitor style).It was built with recycled materials, yeah stuff that people just trash out... and works good, great tone and loud

thanks for check it out.



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this isnt a "homemade amp" this is an amp you picked out of the garbage, and then jury rigged into a box you made. please dont claim it to be something you made, when its just something you moved into something else.

Well, i'm sorry i should not gamble with common sense and claim for "Homemade electric guitar amp enclosure" right?

you should learn english first off, if you are to be typing in it. second off, you labeled this as a home made guitar amp, which is the only reason i clicked here, and likely anyone else either, because i was hoping for a scematic, or an actual instructable at the very least. you posted pictures of some wood you screwed and glued together and called it a home made amp.

Just saw your posting and YOU tell someone to take English lessons ??? What is the use of being arrogant in the way you are ? In your comment are more mistakes than I thought it was possible. De volgende posting krijg je in het Duits of nederlands of wat dan ook want je hebt nog een hoop te leren !

hoping for a scematic? is this english for you? and can you handle schematics at all ? you haven't done anything yet.

If you are trying to say is this english ENOUGH for me, then no, it is not. I wont be posting anything here either, as I have no desire for people like you to have my schematics.

just check your spelling first loser.

Looks like my spelling is perfect. What i forgot, was the word "say", and I'll be damned if I'll have things I type, looking like things that people like you type.

you're totally right, you are a perfect "typer" i guess but anyone can learn languages what you never gonna learn is creativity "people " like me, so "people" like you keep "typing" inside your own box, while the creative "people" me, keep you alive with your criticism, for that thank you very much because keep this site moving with any kind of comments .

What creativity? the creativity to move something into a dfferent box? SO creative.