Many people find a benefit in using energy gels.  Usually used on endurance style exercise not for your normal daily exercise. They can provide a nice boost of energy just in time to avoid burning out, or get you through to your next "wind".
Store bought energy gels tend to be high priced, lacking in variety, and full of unpronounceable ingredients.  If any of those reasons bother you, make your own!

Step 1: Assemble Your Ingredients

You will need...
3 T     Honey
3 T     Brown rice syrup
1/2 T  Molasses
1 T     Lemon juice
2 strips of lemon zest. no pith.
About 1/16 of a tea spoon of Mortons lite salt. or similar half potassium table salt. If you end up adding to much salt, just double the rest of the ingredients

There's a way you can use a drinking straw as a "pouch". Pour the gel into a condiment bottle. Use a pair of needle nosed pliers to crimp a straw about 1/8-1/4 of an inch from the end. Use a lighter to melt the end of the straw and seal it shut. Use the condiment bottle to fill the straw with the gel, not all the way to the top though. Leave enough room to repeat the sealing process on the other end. Clear straws work best.
Cool idea! I will definitely try this out sometime. But I think I may also add some artificial flavoring to make it more store like.
i thought kool-aide might be awesome...it should work and be really good. <br>
hahaha definitely
Interesting idea. I'll have to look at the nutritional statistics.
yeah it shouldn't be too hard to do i was just a kinda lazy.

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