You will need:

around 100 marbles

1 old sock

Step 1: Making It!

1) Tie a knot in the end that your toes go into.

2) Add the marbles in the other end.

3) Tie another knot in that end as well.

4) Taadaa!

Step 2: Massage Away!

P.S This is my first instructable so sorry if it sucks.
You did a great job on this. Cute pic at the end!
tapioca pearls works
gr8 idea!
There may be a temptation to through said sock... :) Just kiddin'. Nice project...simple, but practical.<br />
it doesnt suck tho it is simple.....i like it! tickles a bit tho
its really cool
This is great. I usually tell people to use a couple of old golf balls and drop them in a sock. But this looks even better. If you can get the marbles or golf ball for free it is a free foot massager. Of course there are always free socks available especially because of the one legged sock bandit that seems to come to my house of a regular basis. <br/><br/>Kevin Kunz<br/><br/> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.reflexology-research.com">http://www.reflexology-research.com</a> <br/>

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