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Introduction: Homemade Gunpowder

Hello everyone!!!

Today i will show you how to make real homemade gunpowder!

It's very easy to make and requires only 3 ingredients!

So... Let's start :)

P.S. In the video i burned less then a gram of gunpowder! So be careful

Step 1: Ingredients


You will need:

  1. Charcoal ( just burn down some wood or buy from a garden store ).
  2. Sulfur ( you can find sulfur in garden stores as fertilizer ).
  3. Potassium or sodium nitrate ( you can find Potassium or sodium nitrate in garden stores as fertilizer ).
  4. Scales ( i am from europe so i am using grams to measure everything, but ounces will work...)
  5. some containers, and something to crush the chemicals.

Step 2: Scaling

So the recipe is:

  1. 75% potassium or sodium nitrate
  2. 15% charcoal
  3. 10% sulfur

I am making 100g of gunpowder, so you will need:

  1. 75g potassium or sodium nitrate
  2. 15g charcoal
  3. 10g sulfur

If you are doing everything with ounces, just calculate your weight, for one ounce you will need:

  1. 0.75oz potassium or sodium nitrate
  2. 0.15oz charcoal
  3. 0.1oz sulfur


Step 3: Crushing Things

Now you will need to crush your ingredients to powder.

Simply, get an open container, or a bowl , pick up a marker or something and crush your not - powder ingredients.


Step 4: Mixing Everything

Now, take a bag or something, and mix everything up!

Don't worry about sulfur pieces, it's nothing :)

Congratulations! You made your own gunpowder!
To test it, simply light a little bit of it :)
If you want to make it explode, simply put the gunpowder to sealed container, insert a fuse, and light it up :)



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    I have a question, does the gunpowder burn again?

    2 replies

    No, once the reaction is over, the output products are non-flammable

    So does that mean that you can make fireproof walls out of burning gunpowder and using the remains?

    You can also piss into a water bottle and let it evaporate in the sun for a few days. the end result is potassium nitrate

    1 reply

    You'll get potassium nitrate but it will be contaminated with urea. No idea if it would hinder the combustion of the final product though.

    Thanks for the great instructable. Much simpler than all the others.

    Many ways online threads explaining ways to make and collect it. Use smart and small amounts don't want feds showing up thinking your building explosives

    Does foodgrade potassium nitrate work?

    This gunpowder itself works like a firework, can I use it as a propellant in a gun/cannon?

    2 replies

    It's why it's called gunpowder, I guess. You just need to confine it in something like a cardboard tube and let the gases do the rest.

    I thought the sulphur had to be the crystalline form. The commonly available "flowers" of sulphur doesn't work, but you can convert the flowers to crystals

    Now how do I make nitrogen?

    Do sulfur and potassium nitrate come together or seperate when you buy it?

    1 reply

    They come seperate, look for Stump Remover for potassium nitrite and sulfer powder for sulfur

    After taking a good look at the chemical reaction (2 KNO3 + S + 3 C → K2S + N2 + 3 CO2) and calculating the molar mass of the ingredients I noticed you rounded down the ratio's too much. The correct ratio's are:

    74.8% KNO3

    11.9% S

    13.3% C

    Rounding these values down can extremely affect the quality of the reaction.

    Good instructable btw