Homemade Hot Pack





Introduction: Homemade Hot Pack

All u need is some toilet paper a measuring cup 1/2 cup is what I used and a zip lock bag also with a cloth or something that will help u so u don't burn ur self

Step 1: Toilet Paper

I used 46 sheets of toilet paper then I bundle it together (picture 2) and in pic 3 that's one sheet of toilet paper.

Step 2: Water and Measuring Cup

I used a 1 cup measuring cup and filled it then poured it on the toilet paper and it should be really soaked.

Step 3: Zip Lock Bag and Microwave

When u put the soaked toilet paper in the zip lock bag leave part of the bag opened so it doesn't explode (pic 2) and warm it for a minute and 30 or more but watch out for heat.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

When it's done close the zip lock bag and be careful touching it it will be hot and then slip it in a pillow case or cloth and relax.



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