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Here are some pictures on how to make my homemade iPod speakers. What you need: 2 pieces of paper, tape, k'nex (can be replaced), and headphones. You can just look at the pictures to make it, its pretty easy. You can replace the base of you don't have any k'nex. Just make a cone out of the paper and insert the ear bud and tape it, do the same with the other ear bud. Then make the knex base, or your own and add the speakers. There you go, instant iPod speakers. Here is a video to show you how the sound is.


tritian (author)2013-09-15

i did something similar to this when I lost power for 2 weeks after "superstorm" sandy, but i made mine from a tissue box lol... wish i took pictures... amazed how loud standard ear buds get when using a piece of paper shaped in a cone!

EverythingFan (author)2013-07-12


Bitterberry9 (author)2008-10-06

cool! i didn't except it to be that loud!

jollex (author)Bitterberry92008-10-07

Thanks, I was surprised too when I made it.

slithien (author)jollex2010-07-29

woh!!! i tried it with one earphone in paper to test and thats loud!

slithien (author)jollex2010-07-29

what does it realy work!!!

hrou (author)2009-06-01


xadevox (author)2009-05-23

post the instructable!

J Moneyman (author)2008-11-23

i don't have an ipod, so i moded it to hold my psp. wanna see a pic?

FSPilotsuk (author)J Moneyman2009-02-14

yer i want to make and mod so it can be used 4 psp

duffman229 (author)2008-11-15

wow, this is really cool! =P

jollex (author)duffman2292008-11-16


anaconda (author)2008-10-19

does it wok with nything else besides the ipod?

jollex (author)anaconda2008-10-19

It works with anything that uses headphones.

anaconda (author)2008-10-19

nything wassupposed to be anything :D

knexguy (author)2008-09-23

Innovative! Was that the Hoosiers playing in the vid?

jollex (author)knexguy2008-09-23

Yes, and thank you.

knexguy (author)jollex2008-09-23

Thought so, ok band. What song, couldn't quite make it out?

jollex (author)knexguy2008-09-23

Worried About Ray.

knexguy (author)jollex2008-09-23

Ah, ok.

The Jamalam (author)2008-09-23


jollex (author)The Jamalam2008-09-23

Thank you.

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