Homemade Ipod Battery Pack





Introduction: Homemade Ipod Battery Pack

There are probably a million of these floating around but I wanted to post my own.

An ipod, connectors, a couple 470ohm resistors, and a 5v regulator, and some soldering skills are nice to have.

Step 1: 5v Regulator Circuit

This is real simple it takes the 9.6v input and puts it as a 5v output to the usb. But the ipod has to have pull up resistors on the data lines.

Those reistors have a value of 470ohm

On the regulator it is advised to have a heatsink to keep the chip from overheating.

Step 2: Enjoy!

put in a container of some type and plug in a battery pack and an ipod and your good to go!



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    Hi im new to this but im wondering if theres a way to make one using 4 AA 1.5v batteries?

    Here is my problem i posted onto some other instructables:

    Ok... I want to make a Battery booster for my Ipod Touch 2nd Gen but i need help. At the moment my setup is to have 4AA (6v when i need 5v) Rechargeable batteries what will then go into a 5v Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Modu... and then to connect it to a female USB port what will need this done to it: https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_g...

    Also the Ipod Touch 2ND Generation needs 1Amp of power so I was wondering if this would work or if there are any other alternatives.

    Any help will be grateful



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    can someone please tell me, what pins are used to charge video ipod 30gb, 5th gen. i bought one on amazon, and it doesn't work, it does have connector tho, so i might make it work if i know what pins are used to charge. thanks in advance!

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    just use a meter to check which pins connect from the vcc(positive) and the gnd in the usb to the pins in the ipod connector. If you dont have a meter just take a led and check when it lights and apply vcc on the pins. then just check if the pin thats vcc in the ipod.

    im new to this sort of thing, what are your schematics saying? the black wire is connected to...? and with the resistors, they are just connected from the green and white both going to the red?

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    ok the fork shaped symbol off the black wire and the middle of the 7805 are ground they go to the black wire of the battery pack and yes 1 resistor per wire going to the red wire, these are called pullup resistors, it tells the ipod to charge.

    thanks very much. I was wondering why having a 5v curent through usb wasnt telling it to charge