Picture of Homemade jerkstopper (laptop cable retention device)
My laptop adapter cable was very loose and it was being unplugged with the slightest movement of laptop. Since it is an old and bulky laptop I did not want to carry around it's battery. I needed something to keep the jack in place.

After googling I found jerkstopper. Unfortunately it is not being sold in my country. So I thought I can utilize the same mechanics with a simple DIY thing.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
- PS2 to USB adapter (any kind of thing that sticks into your laptop can be used though)
- Plastic strap

DustySeven72 years ago
seems like a good idea until the cord gets yanked and either breaks, both connectors break
rbennett83 years ago
or you could just use a really small flat head and adjust the pins in the power jack
rudipetya3 years ago
clever and easy!
Nice! ;)
etopsirhc4 years ago
while its good that the power cord wont fall out now , i do see a problem .
if some one trips over the power cord , instead of it coming out , the more likely scenario will be a flying laptop ( its happened to me with just a tight power cable >< )
Vladan4 years ago
Good idea. My first order of business here would be to smash and remove that ferrite bulge on the power cable. Also wrap the power connector and first few centimeters of cable into a shrink wrap tube. better yet, use a shrink wrap tube to hold everything together instead of the zip tie that may break the cable.
cyberraxx4 years ago
Great idea!!!!!

This doesn't work for me tho as on my Advent laptop the power socket is on the right side but the PS2 port is on the rear right side and my Acer has the PS2 on the right side and the power on the rear.

Brilliant solution tho.

nimcap (author)  cyberraxx4 years ago
It doesn't have to be PS2, aren't there any other slots near power input that you can plug some dummy jacks in and tie your power cable to?
No. both lappys have the jacks on the opposite sides away from the ports making this jerkstopper useless for me (for now). The only sockets at the back of my advent are VGA and audio and none on the back of the acer.

I've made up a jerkstopper using the kensington lock. Would add a ibble but its a messy bodge and needs a lot of work to make it more practical.

I am using yours on my PC tho. Now my mouse no longer keep dissapearing (8yrs old and a dodgy plug but its the best i've ever had).

Originally kept tying it to the nearest cable. now i can unplug and plug it back in till my hearts content with no more pratting about.
xAxrules4 years ago
Very simple, very effective.
joeogio4 years ago
yess this is a great idea thanks :D
Great simple solution to the problem.