Homemade Kitchen Corner Drawers





Introduction: Homemade Kitchen Corner Drawers

These drawers were made as part of a major kitchen re-construction about 6 years ago.  Today they are as good as ever so I thought others might like to see the construction details.    I don't have many pictures taken from when i made the drawers but those of you into woodworking will get a good idea of what is involved with the construction by looking at the video.  

I made a jig to keep everything in alignment when assembling the drawers but seems I didn't take a picture of it. The drawer bottoms are set in rabbits made in the sides of the drawers. As all drawer bottoms are identical they form the main way to align the drawers and keep them the same shape. The video shows how I modified the standard drawer pull to adapt them to the corner drawer.  I selected pulls that mount  with screws driven in from the outside of the pulls - works great for this application.  Except for the drawer fronts (pine) the drawers are made from 1/2 inch baltic birch plywood.  This plywood is nice and flat and easy to machine.

Full extension, heavy duty drawer glides give full access to the drawers.

Dovetails, dowels, corner blocks and glue all work together to make the drawers  sturdy and rigid.

I finished the cabinets with a clear water based finish putting extra coats on the insides of all drawers.  The finish has held up well. 



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    This is a fabulous idea and I am hoping you can add more to your instructable. I am wondering if you have pictures to go along with the video. We are totally rookies when it comes to building and we are planning on building our own kitchen cupboards. Any information you have would be great, we have a lot to learn! :) Thanks for sharing this idea too.

    Thanks. Unfortunately I wasn't into instructables or the like when I made the cabinets and related kitchen stuff so don't have any extra photos that I can remember. There are however a few other unique features with the kitchen cabinets that I have been intending to photograph and publish but so far haven't got it done. Wish I could help more but that's about it at the present time.

    Comment la traduire en Français. Merci

    I have seen lazy susans installed in corner cabinets to maximize storage, but I have never seen this. Very cool.


    Do you have more detailed instructions to your cabinet construction? Just curious how you came up with the measurements and the correct cuts for a corner drawer. Thanks!!

    Sorry, unlike my more recent activity, I wasn't making detailed videos and/or plans for my projects. But the angles are for the most part 90 degrees and I made up a jig to keep everything aligned during the assembly process.

    such ingenuity!

    video! That's a clever cabinet idea to use a corner space. Thank you for