Homemade Knives and Sheaths





Introduction: Homemade Knives and Sheaths

I have recently begun making knives in my spare time. I will one day make an instructable but I wanted to post these for now. The blades in these knives are crafted from old files and saw blades and the handles are made either from deer antlers or wood. The sheaths are made from leather.



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    I have been using deer antler for some time on my knives now! I have a tip I discovered about antler. I was also making a Native American Peace Pipe from Birch and antler. If you take a small propane torch and carefully heat the antler by waving the flame over an area that you want to darken, it will turn golden brown. It is a trail and error thing. Too much and it will burn, too little and it will turn lightly brown. Try it and see. My knives turn out great! If I have a white area that needs to be darker! Have fun, as ever, Triumphman 4-2-12

    Very rugged, you have the talent, now do an instructable! See my instructables "knives" with antler handles and more! Triumphman.

    How do you make the leather keep it's shape? Is there a way to harden soft leather?

    i soak it and keep it pressed tight. let it air dry. i tried drying it with a hair dryer and it made it brittle and break

    Is that one the the pic of the cracked sheath?

    (also i totalt disagree with the complantes made by other people below!!!)

    Dip into melted parafin for 20 seconds.

    hi this may be a silly idea but have you thought about adding plyable ribs to the leather intrnally or threading them into the matrial ... i know its not a leather hardening technique but if u ribbed em it would give it more of a rigid structure
    hope it helps

    What is the point of showing them if you dont show how to do it

    I is a slid show!!!

    It says:
    Share one or more photos of a project, recipe, or whatever you've made, quickly and easily.

    I am sorry that there are disappointed people out there because there are no instructions. This is just a slide show it does not count as an Instructable, its a slide show. All of these knives were made before I new how to make an instructable so there were no pictures taken to document the procedures, which I have stated above in my description. I would like to think that people may just see the pictures I do have and become inspired to try it anyways. All of the above knives I made with no previous knowledge or experience and with no instructions. Just experimenting may wind up making you happy.