Step 8: Done!

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The laser pointer war finished and ready to use, my little brother is now happy with it's new pointer and the cats in the street :3.
The laser reaches 150ft if you focus it well and it is about 5$ in materials and made by yourself!

If you liked my instuctable, please, vote me in the Epilog laser, pocket-sized electronics and battery powerwed contests.

If i win the laser cutter, thing that probably will not happen, I'll use it for engraving everithing i can, for cutting gears, cases, 123D kits... It would be totally awsome!

Feel free to ask me anything you didn't understand or propose upgrades.
THEFORREAL2 years ago
Great a 9 Volt battery is "three AAA's". Aside from that it kinda reminds you of a "Zippo" lighter. So,I Was thinking the Zippo would be very cool looking Laser and thinking it would be nice to have a Laser in a package that size maybe the length of the two halfs of the zippo case together.
edvin19942 years ago
where to vode
diy_bloke2 years ago
I have a laser from a laser printer. Maybe I should give that one a closer look. Thanks for the article
Please be careful with the laser from a laser printer - the beam may well be Infra Red rather than visible. You won't be able to see it but it will still damage your retina just as a visible laser would. The first thing you will notice will be black spots on your field of vision but by then it will be too late. Take care!
Thanks but as I know the damger of lasers I would not even dream of looking at them.. ("closer look") might therefore not be the right term.
Did not realize though they could be infrared, but dont worry, I would not be looking into them to see if there was anything visible.

neverteles, thanks for teh warning
stechi2 years ago
I like this. But can you or somebody explain to me why a laser needs to be focussed? I thought the whole point was that a laser produced a parallel beam. It's a long time since physics at school....
ZacWolf stechi2 years ago
If memory serves, red lasers were originally created via energizing an actual ruby tube shaped crystal with mirrored ends with one end having a tiny polarized hole. The photons would bounce back and forth between the mirrors and would only exit the tube when they lined up with the tiny polarized hole.
Almost right - there wasn't a tiny hole - rather one end of the laser ruby rod had a 100% reflective mirror but the other end had a 98% reflective mirror. 2% of the light 'leaked' out through this partially silvered mirror end - this is your laser beam.