Homemade (lemon Juice) Battery! Powers Electric Buzzer and More! Lemon Battery - Easy DIY



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Introduction: Homemade (lemon Juice) Battery! Powers Electric Buzzer and More! Lemon Battery - Easy DIY

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in this instructable i'll show you how to make a lemon juice battery. as far as these homemade batteries go, it's probably the strongest. it powers buzzers, small leds/lights and even clocks.

Step 1: Watch Instructional Video...

shows full build, along with it running all types of stuff.

Step 2: Read Description...

Lemon Battery. Simple Homemade Battery. Powers Electric Buzzer! (and more...). Easy DIY. powers almost anything normally run using "button cell" batteries. (so far i've run lights, LED's, clocks, calculators, electric tea-lights, watches, a pedometer and an Electric Buzzer. items needed: five small equal sized containers, an old extenison/appliance cord (for copper), several 2 1/2" wood screws and lemon juice (i used a 25% concentrate). *to see 4 other versions of this battery look for my video titled "5 Homemade Batteries" located on my youtube channel. *battery output is 4-5 volts (2.5 milliamps). for increased voltage use more cells and for more amperage hook the cells in parallel.

Step 3: Items Needed...

1.) 5 small (equal sized) containers

2.) 5 or more large wood screws (nails can be used too)

3.) piece of old extension cord wire (or wire from old lamp or appliance)

4.) lemon juice (i used a 25% concentrate). *that's generally what's sold in food stores

Step 4: Start by Stripping the Wire...

strip the insulation off of the extension cord wire. that will expose the copper wire. i stripped them down (in roughly 3 inch sections). see above pics. then wrap 3 of them together and wrap around the top part of the screw. i did 4 of them.

Step 5: Now Just Assemble the Battery...

first, place the small containers in a row (or in a kind of a circle). then place the screw/wire combos so that each container is connected to the next as shown in the pics above. note that in the first container in the row, you'll put a screw with no copper wire on it and in the last container in the row, you'll put a piece of copper with no screw attached to it. those are the battery terminals. you'll hook the stuff you want to run up to those.

Step 6: Now Add the Lemon Juice...

add the lemon juice to each container and fire it up...

Step 7: Here's a Few Things I Ran...

you can run pretty much anything that runs on "button cell" batteries...



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