Homemade Longboard Made of Oak





Introduction: Homemade Longboard Made of Oak


I made this longboard a year ago and decided to show you how did I made it. This board is not flexible at all, and it's heavy, but it would be the real challenge to break it. The wood which I took is Oak, it's great wood for construction because it is hard and firmly.

Main goal of this board is to lower your center of gravity so you'll be more stable.

Through making process I had no camera, so I took measurements of board and drew it in Solidworks.

Tools which I used are:



- sandpaper

Step 1: Previous Versions:

I bought longboard cruiser, and I somehow broke it, so I decided to make my own board, in pictures are some of my recent versions of boards and I end up on the one which I will describe in this instructable.

Step 2: Schemes; Wheel Part

Whole board has two main parts, wheel part (x2) and the main board. On picture are shown dimensions for wheel part and I also attached that file in PDF. I hope that all dimensions are clear.

All measurements are in mm (millimeter).

Step 3: Main Board

Step 4: Whole Assembly

When connecting parts it is good to use some wood glue, look at the pictures where and how many screws did I used, I didn't drew all screws in schemes. You can also find CAD files down below.

All I can say is that this longboard is very stable and fast, it really surprised me.

Thank you for watching/reading, feel free to vote if you liked that project. :)



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    Does this boar have good turns?

    This board is more for speeds, not cruising, so it's not turning like cruiser board

    Love this, must try. P.S. In the first step you mis-typed it to ti which made me laugh.

    Great instuctable XD

    Thanks! :D
    hahah english isn't my mother language so I'm happy that peoples understand what am I trying to say. :D thanks for correction :)

    I've used a similar method of dropping a deck and it worked wonderfully. Nice job with the CAD models. Even if someone didn't want an oak board the pieces where the trucks attach are valuable enough to be their own instructable.

    Thank you.
    Yes, this method of dropping a deck is very good, of course, if you connect all parts very tight (or else you can easy get faceplant).
    Agreed :)