Make your own delicious popcorn in the microwave faster and cheaper yourself! Great for movies, christmas trees, or a delicious snack!

Needed things: Popcorn seeds, paper lunch bag, microwave  oven.

Step 1: Fill the Bag

Take 1/2 a cup of popcorn seeds and  pour inside paper lunch bag.
<p>My solution to sealing the bag is to punch 2 holes about 1 inch apart along the folded edge. I then use a tooth pick to seal it (in one hole out the other). Works for me. </p>
I don't think binder clip in a microwave would be a good idea.
Lots of them are plastic, I mean, all plastic, without a metal spring or support.
I love fresh microwave popcorn but you may want to consider using something other than a &quot;metal binder clip&quot; in a microwave oven. I have used a couple of regular staples to secure the top of the bag without any sparking or burning problems. As always, stay and watch the popcorn cooking just in case a &quot;flaming&quot; situation develops......

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