Homemade pastry bag for churro machine

This intractable is for the homemade churro machine, check my other intractables for a regular homemade pastry bag.


Materials and tools:



Sewing machine.

Any measurement tape.

An old not too thick fabric,

And the tip for the pastry bag.

Step 1: Homemade Pastry Bag for Churro Machine

Keep in mine the you have to give to the fabric at least 1 cm for the sewing and zig-zag all around before joining together.

Measure the hoe tall and the thickness (or the measure around the can) and cut the fabric same measurement. To cut the round shape, put the metal can on top of the fabric and trace it with pan or pencil and cut the round piece.

I love fresh, warm Churros... Do you deliver? ;-D

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