You will need some basic electronics skills to make a homemade pc steering wheel.

The wheel is easy to build to your own specs for example the ratio at witch you physical steering wheel turns and the wheel on the game turns can be changed and the amount of buttons on you dash and what they do can also be changed.

Included in the instructions is how to make a set of pedals for throttle and brake to.

link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyGkFWZ-xuI

Step 1: materiel's and tools

You will need basic tools listed below 
Soldering iron 
hand drill 
drill press (if available)
paddle drills
drill wood drill bits 
steel rule
tape measure
wood saw 
screw drivers 
side cutters 
wire strippers 
hacksaw or grinder 
socket set and ratchet 

The materiel's you will need are listed below 
M6 threaded bar 300mm
M6 locknuts 
2x bearings with M6 id
1x wii steering wheel 
1x 10mm miniature pully ( for 3mm round belt )
1x 30mm miniature pully ( for 3mm round belt ) - this pully can be changed up or down in size depending on the steering ratio you want
1x 75mm round 3mm belt 
6mm plywood 2 foot by 4 foot
20mm x 20mm batton 300mm
15mm pine plank 350mm
20mm x 40mm batton 400mm
self tapping wood screws 
10-15 meters of cable or thin wire 
heat shrink 
usb pc games controller with joysticks ( must be or have analog mode )
1x 10k linear Potentiometers
1x 10k linear sliding Potentiometer
1x large red ptm button 
2x small ptm buttons ( add as many as you like as long as your usb controller has enough functions )
1x dpdt toggle switch 
8x red crimp connectors 
1x NO micro switch 
2x small hinges 
1x small 90 degree bracket 
200mm of metal strapping band 
1x sliding pot nob 
This is great, well done!
Thanks it took a while but i got there int he end
This post is old so not expecting an answer but where on the internet can I buy the pulleys can't find them thanks
Please help me <br>Im a 10 grader and have made a car and need to install steering in it but i dont know how<br>Please help sir<br>
Please help me <br>Im a 10 grader and have made a car and need to install steering in it but i dont know how<br>Please help sir<br>
Sir i did understod something but most of the things i didnt
<p>can i attach h shifter clutch and other pedals and also some switches to a joystick controller pcb?? will wait for ur reply </p>
<p>where is the gear???</p>
My English is not good, sorry about that. My question is how many degrees the 10k linear potentiometer to rotate and where you can get?
Thanks for your fast reply, So if i want it to turn more i could put a bigger pulley f.x. a 60mm on the pot and that would work right? <br> <br>P.S. i have made some sketch drawings and would like to see if you could see any problems with them before i build it.
all looks good to me just makre sure you use a smaller pulley on the drive than you have on the pot or the belt may slip
Can i use f.x. a 500k pot for the wheel? or a 10k? what's the difference? <br>Is there a sensitivity difference or a spin ratio difference? <br>Also how many degrees does the wheel you made turn? <br>I'm building one myself and i want it to turn at least 720 degrees preferably 900 though.
there is a sensitivity difference but mainly i dont know if the controller will detect the movement properly if you use a different value pot. mine turns about 500 degrees
cool <br>
Could you give me some more information about which 10k sliding pot you used? Such as manufacturer, model, and length?
i used a alpha type b 10k sliding pot rail length 73mm total length 89mm
This is really clever! have you tried using a pot for both pedals on the same circuit with the brake as a trim pot? That might help with the brake not working issue. both pots would have to be in series and connected to the reversing switch. Great to see someone building an interface for FS 2013! (If you ever want to do some MP farming, my steam username is bzacon)
The problem with the brake is not the fact that the 2 post are separate inputs but it comes down to the fact that if you were to hold the brake then the tactor will reverse so if a mod is available that has a separate foot brake handbrake and reverse that would be ideal. I will take a look at your server when i get my decent pc up and running maybe come online at some point.
Awesome job!! On the forward reverse switch i would glue a dowel with a knob on the end so its like a shifter !
Great idea!! i did think of making a simple shift up or shift down box but i wouldn't use it so didn't bother. Thanks for the comment

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