Step 2: Add the peppers

get about enough water so that when you add the peppers, their just barely floating. With some sort of spoon or something else, crush the peppers until all the seeds come out. After that you can add some black peppers.
<p>1 part sodium bisulfate</p><p>2 parts sodium hydroxide</p><p>Balance in 1 part water</p><p>Be careful!</p>
<p>that could EASLY become deadly. Sodium hydroxide eats through skin in a mater of seconds.</p>
Don't talk rubbish, sodium hydroxide is dangerous, no doubt. But &quot;eats through your skin in a matter of seconds&quot;? No it doesn't, not even close. It is most reactive when heated up, i know this because i had a part time job when i was at school. &quot;Dipping doors&quot;, this meant dipping doors in a highly concentrated bath of sodium hydroxide and water, 50kgs of sodium hydroxide to 400 gallons of water being heated by a massive gas burner. It removed paint in around 5 minutes, and although we wore gauntlets, we often had it splash on us. It WASN'T like a life or death run to get cleaned off, sure you had to wash it of but you had a good few minutes before any skin damage would have been caused! Learn about what you are talking about before guessing and making yourself look dumb!, it isn't helpful too others, yes it can be a dangerous chemical, just like any other if misused. Scaremongering is not big or clever, grow up.<br>If anyone is dumb enough to consider walking around with a mix like this for defence, well if you get caught by mr lawman you will be looking at more than just a slap on the wrist for that!
are you CRAZY
<p>That's right, only a lib would be cuck enough to have their wife cheat on them anyway!</p>
<p>For people who say they don't care if they blind their attacker! Sure I am in total agreement. BUT there is a good chance that the pepper spray can also get in your own eyes and others you may not intentionally mean to harm whilst using it in the kerfuffle of defence!!</p>
<p>You are of course correct, which is why it is best for pepper spray to have a thickened consistency. All pro versions have a thickening agent to stop any down wind fallout so to speak.</p><p>I am thinking about making a tutorial myself......I know a lot about making devices such as this, and my version is (not to be rude to this publisher, but) a lot more effective.</p><p>It requires a few basic skills but the end result is fantastic......give me a week or two to get the stuff together I need, I am not exactly sure how long it takes to make a tutorial but I will get it done. If only to help people who deserve to have the means of defending themselves but are prohibited from doing so by the pathetic government!</p>
Directions *
Hi there.could you please give me dicrectioms to make your version thanks
<p>I'd like to make a formal complaint - I made up the spray, but the resulting erection only lasted 1 hour.</p>
<p>Pardon me for intruding, but please learn from a real cook. Tabasco is made from jalapenos, not habaneros. I'd cook fresh habaneros because they are hot enough, and are available in most locations, and cook them WITH the even hotter seeds, to a soft, pulpy mass in just enough water to cover the peppers, then puree it all in my Nutribullet. Strain it to remove excess water, then cover it with some cheap vodka to keep it from spoiling. You could use an immersion blender or a standard countertop blender, but the 'Bullet will grind the seeds better. Let it sit for a few days or a week, then strain it through a household strainer first, then through a coffee filter, and you will have enough mayhem in a spray bottle to get the job done without clogging the sprayer. Fill your bottle carefully, and I'd advise wearing goggles or large glasses and a mask because the fumes can be highly irritating to your respiratory system. Filling your bottle with solids will make it unusable in only a spritz or two. You're going to need to do it right if you're being attacked. If it doesn't work to immobilize your attacker, you're just going to make him angrier and more dangerous.</p><p>Your - something that belongs to you.</p><p>You're - You are. </p>
Tobasco sauce is made with Tobasco Peppers, it's not just a clever name.
<p>read the back of the bottle</p>
<p>read the back of the bottle</p>
<p>read the back of the bottle</p>
<p>read the back of the bottle</p>
<p>read the back of the bottle</p>
I made it from jalopeno &amp; it works but add a little glyserine for firing strenght &amp; a sqirt not spray bottle, i added sodium benzoate 1% for shelf life but citric acid will do it for 4months
<p>i made mine with loads of cyanene peppers because i grow then and harvested a lot last year from just a few plants. i also first boiled then on the stove then removed the peppers and once they cooled down, cut them up and used isopropanol alcohol to extract more. once the alcohol had evaporated it left a powder with i recombined with the syrupy mixture left after letting the water boil down. next i added glyserine and 15% concentrated vinegar. that will temporarly disable an attacker.</p>
<p>Bengay or capzasin type topical pain relief ointments are a great source of irritants without the need for the extraction purpose of the actual peppers. I've had bengay in the wrong areas and its extremely painful and that was only residual contact ! </p><p>Dispensary:: small pressure bottle like the small WD40 bottles with a tire stem and valve tapped or welded on. </p><p>Also ammonia can be used since its pungency has its own irritating factors as well. </p><p>Bleach even better since your assailant will then easier to spot after they've run off to escape the spray. </p><p>My 2 cents from the back burner. </p><p>-Adam </p>
<p>Literal autism. If you try making, only god can help you.</p><p>Mixing ammonia with bleach will release chlorine gas, killing you.</p>
<p>Mixing Ammonia and Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) will result in Chloramine gas which can kill but isnt as deadly as chlorine- first it is an irratant then deadly- chlorine is just plain deadly. in order to make chlorine one must mix bleach and an acid like vinegar or some drain cleaners</p>
<p>NO!! Please change or delete your post! Ammonia and Bleach disolve fat since they are so alkaline, you will make the person permanently blind! Do not ever attempt to make a spray with these chemicals!</p>
<p>if a man dares to hurt me or rape me then I would do everything I could and if he goes blind he deserves it. He's evil and should be punished. If he's blind he will never do it again that's for sure.</p>
Eye for an eye
<p>Very well stated. Attackers deserve no mercy.</p>
<p>Well said. Consequences can be deadly. </p>
<p>Agreed, I want my wife and daughter to be able to protect themselves they would not want to take someone's life and a knife would be backup to the pepper spray in case that does not subdue them. We should all carry/practive some type of deterrent there are just too many crazy people out there and you never know when they are going to crack...</p>
<p>someone is trying to KILL you and you're worried about making them permanently blind? I say good, then they can't hurt someone else</p>
<p>My point exactly.</p>
Ammonia and bleach are household chemicals and if someone wants to do you bodily harm, this is certainly the least you or someone else can defend themselves with.
<p>Give no quarter to any attacker.</p>
<p>Do you seriously think anyone cares about blinding someone who is trying to attack or kill him/her? This pepper spray is a good one to use on incoming border crossers btw.</p>
Ammonia uncut can cause blindness so It would be used sparingly mostly for irritant purposes. <br><br>Bleach will cause temporary blindness as labeled on the bottle and obviously permanently stain/damage the perp's cloths an added benefit to such a recipe/formula. <br><br>&quot;Dissolving fat&quot; not sure if you've looked around but most 'mericans have enough fat to spare especially if they are trying to do something bad to your wife/girlfriend. <br><br>My 4 cents. <br><br>Adam <br><br>
Stuff bullies, they are all cowards &amp; THEY desrve to be sprayed.
The bullies near me have knives
I would if my face was going to be smashed into cement
I would if my face was going to be smashed into cement
<p>I heard good things about, grabbing some vodka (sadly im a minor so i cant get it.. easily..) or something and boil the peepers in that until it is a sludge. Preferably in a sauce pan.. Then diloute with mineral oil. 5:95 ratio (5 is sludge)</p>
<p>That last part (not blind your self) might be hard.</p>
<p>like it</p>
This is so cool
If you use an oil base (vegetable oil etc.) The shelf life will be considerably longer and it will extract more capsaicin also it will make it ... non water based (ie. Very diffacult to wash off with soap and water) it love you long time... a very long time. A pressure cooker method with oil and peppers is the ultimate. PLEASE people this is supposed to be a humane control agent, not lets see how bad we can hurt,blind or disfigure them.
<p>A year ago I was using regular &quot;SuperGlue&quot; to fix something and I am almost blindly nearsighted and took off my glasses to see with one eye closed. A drop entered my eye and it glued shut. &quot;Hertz Donut&quot; was on my mind, it hurt and worse it scared me. being cool under danger I went with my good eye to &quot;Google Search&quot; and all the answers assured me that within 2 hours my natural tears would unglue it as did happen Thank G-D. I'm not suggesting anything....but since we live near the Little Town of Bethlehem, right down the road we have had gasoline bombs kill civilians, a lot of knifings of civilians about 4 times a week. I have one mace, one pepper and pepper seems the best but how about &quot;SuperGlue&quot; ? Our army has used it for years to glue large wounds together and the glue later dissapates.</p>

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