Step 6: Shake-ah, Shake-ah, Shake-ah

Repeat steps one more time for a pair of pom-poms if you wish.

You're all set! Now it's time to test out your new semi-eco-friendly pom-poms and your major cheer skills by shaking your pom-poms and money-maker all over with a little "Bricka bracka firecracker, sis boom bah."

Do this for a good 30 minutes and burn enough calories to indulge in a sweet little game day treat!

Game on! Go Steelers!
<p>the activitys rock</p>
Awesome as usual! Great project for the kids to do DURING the game, too. Especially if they're bored after the first 5 minutes of the game :)
I'll be on thw Wii, so I'll never be bored! lol. I could make these for my family's party of 3 downstairs.....*thinks out into space*

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