Homemade Quick Adjust 2-point Rifle Sling





Introduction: Homemade Quick Adjust 2-point Rifle Sling

This is a $40-50 sling sold by a couple big name tac equipment manufacturers that I made for under $10. It's a 2-point, quick adjust rifle sling made out of 1" nylon webbing and a little paracord. I would have liked to have 1.5" webbing, but was only able to find 1"...

The sling's main intent is to be used in an emergency situation when transitioning to a sidearm. This sling is designed to be slung muzzle down. It can be adjusted out to sling around the neck, neck and weak side or sling around your back (muzzle down), which puts the buckle at the shoulder to chest area, pull the green paracord cinch handle to draw tight. Pull the black paracord handle to loosen or unsnap the buckle for quick release.

Items purchased:
10' of 1" nylon webbing - approx. $2.50 (Could probably get by with 6-8' depending on your size and use)
4 - 1" plastic adjust clips - approx. $.25 each
1 - 1" plastic buckle - approx. $.99
approx. 3-4' of paracord.

This project took approx. 10-15 min. to complete.

Hopefully the pictures are self-explanatory. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



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    Nice. Self repairing app. Good work cntymnty77

    1 reply

    Self repairing app?!..


    Got enuff broken images?

    How do you get your sling to stay locked in the tightened position? I've got everything else working.


    1 reply

    @Lambo989, sorry, haven't been here in a while. If your webbing and buckle are the same size, once cinched up, it should stay secured until unbuckled or the tension is released by pulling up on the cord attached to the buckle.

    Glad to help! I just had training the other day and it really paid off! I've got a couple orders from a couple guys I work with now..!

    I have been looking all over the Internet for a good homemade sling for my AR and yours is the easiest and simplest one to make. I tried to make a copy of the magpul ms3 but didn't like it very much. Yours works awesome!!!!!