This is an extremely simple recipe for homemade crackers! Perfect for cheese or dips. Good with soup, too. 

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools


2 cups of flour
1.5 Tablespoons of olive oil
1 cup milk
1 Tablespoon salt
4 onces of cream cheese (half a block)
The cream cheese is optional, but worth it!


Mixer, measuring spoon & cups, rolling pin, fork, pizza cutter or knife,, and large circle stoneware ( I guess you could use a cookie sheet instead, but I prefer the stoneware)
it think we not use flower, it was mispelled.. <br /> I almost think we use flower.. Lol..&nbsp; :D<br />
Originally, before English spelling was standardized, there was only one spelling of the word.&nbsp; The stuff you make bread with was called <em>&quot;flower&quot;&nbsp;</em> because it was considered to be the best part of the wheat.&nbsp; <br /> As a strange consequence, that makes &quot;whole wheat flour&quot; an oxymoron.<br />
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No, &quot;Government Intelligence.&quot;<br />
mmh.. thats new to me.. thanks.. :D<br />
Shredded Cheddar can be used as well.&nbsp; Reduce or eliminate the oil and reduce the milk/water slightly.&nbsp; And my favorite recommendation is to dry toast some sesame seeds (about 2 tablespoons for 2 cups of flour).&nbsp; Also, try rolling the dough between two sheets of cellophane, remove the top sheet slowly-carefully), place the cookie sheet over the dough upside down (I don't have stoneware) and invert the whole shooting match.&nbsp; This places the thinly rolled dough into the cookie sheet, of course you need to remove the bottom&nbsp;(now top) layer of cellophane prior to cooking, again slow and steady.&nbsp; I will be trying this recipe tomorrow or the next day.&nbsp; Great ideas, great instructable!!<br />
&nbsp;For French readers :<br /> <br /> 250 g de farine<br /> 22 mL d'huile d'olive<br /> 68 g de lait<br /> 18 g de sel<br /> 113 g de &quot;cream cheese&quot; (ou St Moret)<br /> <br /> Cuire au four &agrave; 200&deg;C<br />
&nbsp;Looks just like the Pita chips that are so expensive to buy..<br /> I think I gotta try it!
There are edible flowers.&nbsp; That would make for an interesting decoration.&nbsp; LOL.<br /> 8&gt;)
Interesting...I can honestly say I've never thought of making my own crackers.&nbsp; What exactly does the cream cheese accomplish in your recipe, by the way?&nbsp; How different do these taste sans cheese?<br />
The cream cheese adds&nbsp;flavor. &nbsp;It also makes the dough easier to work with. I've tested it both ways, cream cheese makes it turn out better.&nbsp;

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