Introduction: Homemade Slingbow

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This isn't going to be a walk-through just showing you what the slingshot is and what it shoots.

Step 1: Body

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The body of the slingshot is a nerf maverick which I dremeled a hole out to put a metal barrel through because my draw is so long and the bolts are only 11 in long.

Step 2: Arrows

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These arrows are normal wood that are 11 inches long. Rather than a normal hunting arrow these arrows have the blades facing outwards kinda like a hollow point and a shotgun. We call them hollow shots. They expand upon impact and slice rather nicely. They get deeper penertration because the blow a hole wide enough for the arrow to go through. They are a lot more destructive than the normal arrows. Also the last pic shows how wider the hollow shot got than a normal arrow. A greater hole.


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