This is the tricky, with out a machine method of making spaghetti and pasta. It is hard and can take a long time if you make a lot of pasta, but otherwise for an amateur without a pasta machine, this is the way to go. For this recipe you will need:

For dough:
2/3 c flour
2tbsp oil
1tsp water if needed
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt

For sauce:
2 tomatoes
1 onion (red or white)
1 small pepper (red)
1 tbsp garlic powder, oregano and basil.

Sorry for the bad quality of the video but i don't have a good mic or camera.

Step 1: Mix the Dough

We need to mix all the dough ingredients together starting with the eggs and flour. We need to make a sort of well in the flour and drop in th eggs. Next we need to combine it together with the flour using our hands. Then we add the oil and if needed the water. We combine and then knead for about 5-10 minutes. Then we wrap it in cloth and let it sit for an hour.
<p>how many grams of flour as I never use the cup method as it can be way out</p>
is the egg yolk crucial for making pasta, or could you just use the white? would you have to tweak the recipe at all, besides maybe adding egg white or more oil&nbsp; for volume?<br />
Sounds more like a frittata than pasta. Some places in italy just use the yolk. We use 3 cups flour and 4 eggs for noodles and then add oil or water as needed. We used to use one egg per cup of flour. Trenette (eggless pasta) is 3 to 1 flour to water with a tablespoon oil per cup. To each is own. <br />
I LOVE this recipe! My family now has a #1 absolute favorite meal! Thank you so much! I know I will be making this for years to come! We've already been having it once a week for the last three weeks! Friday night is now spaghetti night! Thank you!
wow thats awesome thanks so much for th ecomment!
I've made thick soup noodles ("kluski" I think) like this mixing eggs by hand in a well of flour. Perfect compliment to home-made chicken soup. Anyway, good video and the lack of a "good" camera gives this a neat retro travel film look from the 60s or something. The music compounded that imo.
Dainiau, I like the pictures.... Thanks for the long time warning.... Wonder, if you make extra pasta, can you dry it somehow to preserve it... Good job! Do you have a ling to the video? Keep working!
im soo angry because the video was supposed to be on the instructable but it failed becuase of the idiotic new instructable editior and this got buried and not featured thanks to that stupid new editor!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it! this is insane!! i was hoping to get somewhere with this.
Dainiau, I feel for you! Don't despair... You will not be the best all the time.. Keep working, try simplifying stuff, pare down as much as possible.. Like my design guru used to say: the best design is the simplest design! it is true! Can you redo this? One thing is about this, is that no one will give you honest and useful critique. And that applies to any artis. I rearely get anything worth listening to... Dainiau, I am realy impressed with your work and please, don't worry to much, keep working I am very proud of you!
Your ratio of flour to eggs looks "wrong" Is 1/3 c flour per egg what you meant to type? (OTOH, a quick look around the net turns up all sorts of ratios.)
no, i had the right ratio i had 2/3 c flour to 2 eggs half of that is your ratio.

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