Picture of Homemade tobacco pipe
This Instructable is about how to make your own tobacco pipes at home. I didn't want to spend a lot of money for a tobacco pipe, so I decided to make one myself. Here is how I did just that.
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Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
What you will need to make your own tobacco pipe:

- 1 Block of Bruyere wood
- 1 ferule
- different kind of grater
- a saw
- pencil
- a drill with different gimlets (Hand auger)
- one circle
- a Dremel like tool
- sand paper
- milling cutter min. 18 mm
- time (you will need a lot of it)
- a idea

Step 2: The idea

Picture of The idea
First of all you have to have an idea of how the tobacco pipe should look like. Draw them on a paper and select the one you prefer.

Step 3: Forming the raw block of wood

Picture of Forming the raw block of wood
Cut a piece of wood of the size you are going to need for your pipe design.

Draw the top of the pipe's inner circle and an outer one; these will mark the hole for the tobacco and outside shape of the pipe.

Then draw on the sides of the block of wood the design you have chosen. Now work it out (It should mean that now you have to catch your tools and begin to work :) Your block of wood should look now similar to the one in the picture.
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prakis8 months ago


Did I miss something? how did you make or fit the stem/mouth bit?

I think it would be good to mention is that while you recommend that people should use briar wood (or bruyere) the pipe you made is not made from briar wood. Also, briar wood is an incredibly hard wood and will take a lot of work to sand down to shape (which is why many freehand pipe makers use high quality files instead of sandpaper for the shaping).

Otherwise, good instructable, though if it was just about the price you could get a new decent pipe for pretty much the same price you'd pay for the briar wood and the equipment required :)
Markush4202 years ago
This is one of the best i've seen on here well done sir! I like the design. Check my stuff out!?
Do you have a reference or two where to purchase prefabricated stems?
riguy982 years ago
what is the mouth piece made out of it looks shinier and smoother. the pipe looks great.
x3n0c1dal2 years ago
Nice instructible. I have an instructible series coming out about kinds of smoking apparatuses and how to make them. by far, I only have one about making a bong, or "water filtered pipe" and I would strongly appreciate if anyone could view it and comment on it. Thank you.
laurent1233 years ago
you are a very talented person im only 14 and a instructable on wooden swords brought me here but for the past 3 months ive been making and crafting my own pipes out of wood, clay, ceramic, and many other materals and ve enjoyed it very much so than you for geting me into the one thing i look forward to after school and thank you for the great hobie
SimonRuben (author)  laurent1233 years ago
Hi thank you for your nice words. Well i am happy that i have introduced you in that topic. Sorry for answering that late. Hope to see some Pipe Pics from you.
Have a good time and a lot of creativity :)
 Would poplar work as the wood for the bowl?

Pretty sure it'd be too soft. I burn wood in my wood stove and poplar goes up like paper.
healbr3 years ago
It is also very easy to make the pipe all one piece,
the hardes part is shaping.
Hello:) Lovely pipe, very nice woodworking. i have a question, i'm planning on making this as a gift and the part that holds the tobacco when you drill the hole all the way through do u put some kind of filter or anything between that and the mouth piece or do you just leave it completely open? Thanks!
I know that a lot of the higher end pipes don't bother to filter at all. When you're smoking pipe tobacco, you're smoking for the flavor of the tobacco and a filter will change the flavor of the tobacco. So I'd suggest not filtering at all (besides, that'd be one more thing to fit on the pipe :) ).
Ahh that makes sense haha, thank you very much :)
apapier124 years ago
Can i buy that off of u
Dr_Zhivago5 years ago
How could you drill the hole to connect the stem and bowl on some of the curvier designs like the top left and second down on the right?
To put the hole through in the severely curved pipe you have to make it in sections and glue it all together. It can be made with a few seems. The main bowl will be one part and the rest of it could be made with two parts split down the middle.
You can also steam-bend it.
Marvinney5 years ago

Well I was looking for something like this because me too didn't want to spend a lot of money for a tobacco pipe. So wanted to make it at home. Nice technique. Thanks.

don't use a glass pipe for tobacco
 Would poplar work as the wood for the bowl?

HI!5 years ago
Is using Bruyere wood necessary, or will any do?
Bruyerre or cherry wood are the best, but any hardwood will do. Don't even THINK about bamboo, though. My first pipe was oak, and it tasted a bit funny at first, but it lasted a couple years....
Ezmegaz5 years ago
Marvinney5 years ago

Well I was looking for something like this because me too didn't want to spend a lot of money for a tobacco pipe. So wanted to make it at home. Nice technique. Thanks. But I will suggest you to make your tobacco pipe clean.

LBos115 years ago
how do you make the stem
cherry wood would be perfect
SWV17876 years ago
"1 Block of Bruyere wood" Why specifically this type of wood is it better at holding the heat, resisting the tobacco residue, or what??? I would think that the type of wood should not make too much difference since a corn-cob and a cane reed can be made into a satisfactory pipe, But nice carving I really like the finished product. Lengthen the shaft and it might resemble the pipe Gandalf used in Lord of the rings.
maby theres somthing about corn-cob or cane-reed that is heat resistant
It would resemble Gandalfs pie, although I always thought of his pipe being made of clay. It could be rekilned to burn out the tar if it had to be cleaned. Who knows? The guy was a wizard; there can be pretty near anything.
The bruyere wood is just a generally used type of wood for tobacco pipes because of it's properties. Bruyere is known for its natural fire retard and the fact that is doesn't really absorb water. The type of wood really doesn't make a difference. I would guess it's just a matter of how long the pipe lasts or how the stain effects it. That's just my thinking and i'm still a teenager i just picked that up on a pipe making website so dont quote me =]
There are other woods that will work. There's several opposites that discuss this. Briar is considered ideal by many for all the reasons stated. Also because it is both porous and *hard*. It has the structure to allow a lot of carving and hold up to a lot of wear. One could get fancier with carving briar than with many other woods. Some woods also used: cherry, apple, maple, walnut, olive. There are more. I have direct experience with pipes of cherry, maple, and walnut. The maple I can't remember but am experimenting with some soon. Walnut makes a decent pipe, I've had not problems with it. Works easier than briar, but tough enough to hold up to carving. Cherry ... for some reason I never thought much of cherry, but came upon an estate pipe of cherry, and smoked it and was *amazed*. It shot from "I'll maybe try this once" to "my favorite pipe" in two smokes. Cool, even smoking. There are other woods, but I'm cautious of them, such as rosewood. I know there are some of the "exotic" hardwoods that have resins which can be toxic or at the very least give a bad flavor.
The wood he refers to is also known as Brier or Briar wood, and is more commonly spelled as one of those two (at least where I'm from). The wood actually does make a substantial difference in the construction of a quality tobacco pipe-- Mainly, brier is a lightweight and porous wood that easily dissipates heat, and is remarkably well suited to the purpose. Corncob pipes are similar, being light and very porous. This is a very different type of wood than something heavy and dense like Oak or any type of wood that comes from a tree (in fact, brier "wood" doesn't come from a tree really, it's made from the midpoint between the roots and the body of the plant).
wenpherd5 years ago
did you buy the mouth piece, if so than where? or did you make the mouth piece, if so how? NOW ANSWER ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chiana_Rei5 years ago
I've actually got my hands on some pear wood. I've done pipes out of walnut, cherry, maple, and oak. I have also made one out of clay and used copper for the stem and mouthpiece. And then there was a hookah style pipe made out of a small bole of mulberry with the center hollowed out and 4 "stems" with surgical tubing and mouthpieces added to it. It does not make you a stoner to own or make pipes, I am not a stoner and I still enjoy pipes and good tobacco's.
wenpherd5 years ago
how did you make the mouth piece
baneat5 years ago
You can get pegged as a stoner, which can be undesirable to some and gets some attention from authorities, but glass pipes are better cause they don't impart the wood's flavour on itself, and don't burn. If you could hand-bow one of those, it would be pretty cool
benz_z baneat5 years ago
no way stoners just use trumpet mouth-pieces, they heat them up and shove them into a water bottle the people who buy the glass ones are posers (ask no questions i tell no lies) but thats a great idea and a nice -ible
baneat benz_z5 years ago
Wanting a well built piece that doesn't use plastic (hot smoke and plastic long term can damage you) is not posing, it's common sense. These homemade pieces are also a little less efficient and I've found anyone who owns one didn't use it for long. Now a $400 roor, that is a waste when a cheap glass one does the same.
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