Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
What you will need to make your own tobacco pipe:

- 1 Block of Bruyere wood
- 1 ferule
- different kind of grater
- a saw
- pencil
- a drill with different gimlets (Hand auger)
- one circle
- a Dremel like tool
- sand paper
- milling cutter min. 18 mm
- time (you will need a lot of it)
- a idea
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HI!5 years ago
Is using Bruyere wood necessary, or will any do?
Spartan8576 years ago
Did you get your rotary tool from Harbor freight? looks like the same model I have.
SimonRuben (author)  Spartan8576 years ago
Hi, I have it from Conrad electronics (www.conrad.de)