Step 3: Forming the raw block of wood

Picture of Forming the raw block of wood
Cut a piece of wood of the size you are going to need for your pipe design.

Draw the top of the pipe's inner circle and an outer one; these will mark the hole for the tobacco and outside shape of the pipe.

Then draw on the sides of the block of wood the design you have chosen. Now work it out (It should mean that now you have to catch your tools and begin to work :) Your block of wood should look now similar to the one in the picture.
thizzluke6 years ago
so u did this with a hand saw right?
SimonRuben (author)  thizzluke6 years ago
That´s right !
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Suggestions for improvements, I'm not beating up on you just trying to help. Step 3, second line, second and third words should be reversed to read "where there". Step 3, fourth line, 15th word should be "chosen" not "choosed" Step 3. You wrote “Now work it out.” What does that mean exactly? Can you elaborate?