Step 7: Nearly done

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Put it all together and make little corrections.
The pipe isn't ready to be used yet. You have to seal and polish the wood still. However I still need to write an Instructable of how to seal and polish the wood. For now you have done a good job in making your pipe.
I think it would be good to mention is that while you recommend that people should use briar wood (or bruyere) the pipe you made is not made from briar wood. Also, briar wood is an incredibly hard wood and will take a lot of work to sand down to shape (which is why many freehand pipe makers use high quality files instead of sandpaper for the shaping).

Otherwise, good instructable, though if it was just about the price you could get a new decent pipe for pretty much the same price you'd pay for the briar wood and the equipment required :)
Do you have a reference or two where to purchase prefabricated stems?
riguy983 years ago
what is the mouth piece made out of it looks shinier and smoother. the pipe looks great.
laurent1234 years ago
you are a very talented person im only 14 and a instructable on wooden swords brought me here but for the past 3 months ive been making and crafting my own pipes out of wood, clay, ceramic, and many other materals and ve enjoyed it very much so than you for geting me into the one thing i look forward to after school and thank you for the great hobie
SimonRuben (author)  laurent1233 years ago
Hi thank you for your nice words. Well i am happy that i have introduced you in that topic. Sorry for answering that late. Hope to see some Pipe Pics from you.
Have a good time and a lot of creativity :)
apapier124 years ago
Can i buy that off of u
Ezmegaz5 years ago