Homemade Waste Motoroil Burner





Introduction: Homemade Waste Motoroil Burner

Working, homemade, automatic burner. No smoke, no pollutions.



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    nyc..i am attempting to make one at the moment but i am struggling to get a nozzle for my burner

    Not happy... This is NOT an instructable!

    I thought Instructables were supposed to have instructions... this is just a video of the unit running, how do you build one?

    This is the unit that has heated our home fro the last 3 years works really well, run smokeless and no smells. Burns just over a litre of oil an hour Check this company out if your in the market for one.

    They sell plans $21.18 USD on how to build your own. Some good comments on the website after guys have built there own. www.dripfedwasteoilheating.com


    I'll try, but its wery hard to make a movie. That's a lot of work on many machines (about 10-12 days)...

    How about just giving the instructions and adding a movie later? I have a complete / never used fuel oil burner assembly from 1977 when I built this house. I even have the manual for it. It would be great to get some idea on how to convert this unit to burn used motor oil!!!!

    Thanks SillyWilly,
    I read the comment and I am already a member of that group.
    It seems I am on too many groups to keep track of them.
    Next good chance I get I will dig out my 1977 gun and see what I have.

    I have to disagree.

    What kind of videos can I post?
    Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making. Just make sure the videos are your own.
    Straight from the Submit page.

    He was showing off what he has made.

    Sorry for that, I'm here since yesterday and you should help me (i would). I made this burner and many others from 20 kW output up to 300 kW an 1,5 MW. I wanna show you this movie first and later i'll made instructional movie. It is not that simple to make it. I need more time. For this time I published this one. I am able to remove if you don't want it... ;o( Greetings.