Homemade Ice Cream Using a Ziplock Bag





Introduction: Homemade Ice Cream Using a Ziplock Bag

About: Peas of Mind is a healthy frozen food company for growing kids! You can find our products in the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store. We have three product lines called Peas of Pie, Veggie Wedgies,...

CEO and Founder of Peas of Mind, healthy meals for growing kids, instructs how to make ice cream using simple ingredients and a Ziplock bag. This is an activity where the whole family can participate!

Visit Peas of Mind at www.peasofmind.com for more fun "RECI-PEAS" that you can enjoy with your family, especially the kids.



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    I have been doing this for 2 years now and it really works!! Though I use regular milk. This never fails to amaze kids who get a big kick out of making their own icecream!

    This is GREAT! I did this with my kids last night and we all had so much fun! I know this company... we buy their products at the market and my twins gobble them up... Kudos!

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    where do you get the buttermilk?

    It's next to the milk and creme at the grocery store.

    I made this tonight and really liked how It tasted overall. I ended up making a double batch, but used a little less sugar and more shaking time. So easy to make and I definitely plan on making this again In the future!

    Thanks for a great Instructable! :-)

    Nice instructable! 

    Adding salt to the ice lowers the melting point of the ice, which allows the ice cream ingredients to freeze. (A 10% salt solution freezes at 20 degrees (F) .) Without the salt, the ice would melt at 32 degrees (F) but with the salt the melting temp drops to below the normal level. Adding the salt to the ice bag allows the ingredients in the inner bag attain a temp below 32 degrees (F) and therefore freeze. The agitation aerates the mixture and gives the contents the ice cream-ish consistency.

    Now, time to go make some home-made ice cream!


    This sounds really good! No artificial ingredients.

    My Kids have done this and they love it. Great idea for babysitter to do with bored kids!


    My kids had great fun with this.

    I would love to have had those puffets when I was younger. Also this instructable is such a very good one! I want to try making this ice cream today! It looks so delicious!!

    Made this with fruit pulp from my juicer instead of the jam. Awesome. Quick and easy. Thanks.

    The first two minutes are an ad for her company, so you can skip that part if you only want the instructable without the commercial.

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    While I agree, it cant hurt to let her plug her company a bit, especially such a small healthy one. Great instructible, it would make a great activity for some kids.

    great company and foods for children! they don't eat like we do because it's yucky! thank you good luck with your company btw i'm from alabama

    Except for the reason that you put the salt in is not to get it to melt faster, it is to lower the melting point of water to get the temperature lower than the milk so it will freeze.

    It's a very well done, professional video, however, still a video not really an Instructable. Other than that, this is great!