Well, after my first and mostly successful wooden gokart, I decided to build a sturdier and better one. I used the same wheels, engine, axles, and seat from the first one. For specific details on mounting the engine, sprocket, and wheels, visit my first gokart.  This is definitely an improvement from the first. For your convenience, I made a 3D Sketchup model. Download it here. The following steps contain pictures from Sketchup. I recommend you use Sketchup to find the exact dimensions.

Step 1: Step One

Put two 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 75" beams 3 1/2" apart.

Step 2: Step Two

Place a 22" long beam underneath. Do not attach. Next, place a 3 1/2"x3 1/2" in between the long beams. Place a 1/2" thick beam and attach it to the longest two beams. Then, drill down the middle of the 1/2" thick beam through all three layers. Put a bolt Into the and tighten. The bottom beam should pivot.

Step 3: Step Three

Attach two 15" long beams

Step 4: Step Four

Attach a 10 1/2" long beam to tilt the seat bottom. Install the seat bottom.

Step 5: Step Five

Attach the seat back and install a brace. Place the engine on the mount.

Step 6: Step Six

Attach a beam underneath the engine, and install blocks underneath that on either side. Drill holes through either side for the axle. Insert axle and and attach sprocket to axle or wheel then install wheels.

Step 7: Step Seven

Do the same for the front. Add blocks, axle, and wheels.

Step 8: Step Eight

Add a steering lever and throttle. The throttle lever is connected directly to the engine's throttle.

Step 9: Finished

Hopefully, I have given you a complete tutorial on how to build your own gokart. Some things on the Sketchup version may be slightly different from the real gokart, but the dimensions are accurate.
where is the brake <br>
Nowhere, thats what makes it so fun ;)
<p>could you make one by having a lever system that makes the wheels stop as a friction brake?</p>
<p>i put a metal piece by my foot that i can kick so it slows the tires down fast :)</p>
<p>i put a metal piece by my foot that i can kick so it slows the tires down fast :)</p>
<p>Isn't there a brake?</p>
<p>ho many cc</p>
I have a question how did u put the sprocket on me and my dad really have never worked with engines and drive systems before did u attach it to the wheel or axel thanks
<p>HI, what 3d software did you use? Awesome cart by the way</p>
<p>Please answer!<br>On mine the chain ALWAYS falls off right away. I tried my best to align the chain, but nothing is working. Also do you need to attach the drive wheel to the axle, because my drive wheel is just free spinning over the axle.</p><p>Thank you very much!!!</p>
<p>What make is the engine?</p>
<p>Briggs and Straton 5 hp flathead</p>
<p>It's a Briggs and Stratton 5 hp engine...these engines are good and reliable because I bought a go kart with one on it and it's ran for 5 or 6 years except for a clutch problem!</p>
<p>Hi! How did you fix the wheels on the axle since it didnt have any keyway?</p>
<p>I got the list how much would the whole thing cost?</p>
<p>I got the list how much would the whole thing cost?</p>
<p>Is there a list of the materials?</p>
<p>Is it possible to make from metal?</p>
<p>of course but the steering may be a little harsh but would be better be cause less chance of throttle snapping or any piece of the kart</p>
<p>Hi... may I know what type of wood did you used? and are there any other suitable type of woods other than the one that you used?</p>
<p>Hey. Where did you get the axle, bearings and wheels. This is a WIP right now for me!!</p>
<p>This thing is awesome! </p><p>I would like to make something like this for my son but pedal powered.</p><p>Any thoughts? Ideas? He's 6. </p><p>Thanks. </p>
<p>would threaded rod be ok to use for axles?</p>
What type of engine did you use?
<p>5hp briggs and stratton flathead</p>
<p>what type of engine is it? i go to the briggs and stratton website and under engines they have sub menues: push mower, riding mower, snow blower, commercial, racing, and other. do you know what type the engine is from those categories?</p>
How would you mount the motor? Just with standard bolts that would fit with the engine?
Yes, just with bolts running through the engine block then down through the wood.
What size tires did you use?
10&quot; or so. Basically wagon wheels.
where did u get the tires
I just finished mine. IT. ROCKS. got the Honda clone from harbor freight, and i installed brakes, too. i hooked up a real throttle cable, so there is a gas pedal, and there are two levers for steering, not just one. I used a chopped up pool noodle for seat padding. <br>Thanks for the instructable, man.
You should try to make a bigger gear off the engine and a smaller connected to rear axle
How are you attaching the wheels to the axle? Also, how did you attach the sprocket to the wheel?
one more question- where did you get the sprocket? they seem to fit perfectly to the wheel.
is a clutch needed or is it optional
needed definitely not optional
are there BRAKES.
Where did you get your bearings for the back and front wheels?
The front wheels came with bearings and are free spinning on the axle. the rear wheels also came with bearings, but I bolted the wheels to the axle to connect it to the engine.
how fast does that go approximately in MPH??? Plz reply <br>
21.4 mph
could u please list all the materials u used <br>
Wood, 4 bearings, 2 steel dowels, 4 wheels, 1 engine, misc bolts and nuts, screws, sprocket, clutch, chain. This was intended to be a body update for my first gokart.
im planning on making that but id like to add some body mods to make it look cooler got any ideas <br>
Led underbody lighting? Maybe that's a bit far-out ;) Straight pipe would add sound. Stickers on the side perhaps? Be creative!
can you send me a link to all the parts in the drivetrain, axle, wheels, sprocket and connector? thanks for posting this great diy, by the way

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