Step 9: Finished

Hopefully, I have given you a complete tutorial on how to build your own gokart. Some things on the Sketchup version may be slightly different from the real gokart, but the dimensions are accurate.

Hey. Where did you get the axle, bearings and wheels. This is a WIP right now for me!!

wildafrican2 years ago
are there BRAKES.
chuckyd3 years ago
Where are the brakes?
mdog933 years ago
does that rear axle have bearings in those holes in the wooden brackets?
maewert mdog933 years ago
I think the bearings are on the wheels so the wheels are free spinning and the axle does not rotate.
mdog93 maewert3 years ago
Ahh yes I considered that after posting. Makes sense. Wonder where he got the wheels/ axle etc. and where is the engine from?
Londonbrig03 years ago
Why the extra length in the back?