Homemade High Voltage Pulse Transformer Video


Introduction: Homemade High Voltage Pulse Transformer Video

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I made this by winding lots of 40SWG wire around a PVC pipe and then covering it in electrical tape. I then used some 2.5mm2 house wiring cable as a primary coil and pulsed 1.2kV DC using one of those hand-held bug zappers through a spark gap and a timing capacitor of 0.047uF and the result is a high voltage spark on the output.



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    How big is the spark?

    sorry i did not see the ferrite core i am highly intrested in this project

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    The core must be ferrous, which it is. When it is used as a core it magnetises and de-magnetises each time there is current going through the primary coil.

    Basically it switches between being magnetic and non-magnetic.

    Here are some more photos of it being made https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-high-voltage-transformer/

    Thanks. I am going to add some more photos at some point and a better explanation.