Homer Simpson Crochet Toy





Introduction: Homer Simpson Crochet Toy

The one and only crocheted Homer Simpson which actually looks like the cartoon character. It was very hard to make him but I did it. The pattern is 100% unique (and took about 3 months to complete), designed by me. He is made from cotton yarn and filled with polyester fiberfill. He is 13,8 in (35 cm) tall (in fact, size does matter). His arms move and he can sit. His outfit doesn't come off.

Other toys made by me: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.323619677679361.71613.100000939956404&type=3&l=95b3b4ac13



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    me encanta ... como obtengo el patron

    Could you make a blaze and the monster machines aj doll

    Can you make me one? email me at


    AMAZING! But I can't find it on Ravelry....Where can I find this pattern? I sooooo want to make one!

    omg! He is like perfect! nice

    Sooooo wonderful, really really amazing

    hola,genial el trabajo,gracias por compartir,como bajo el patron,muchas gracias

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    como bajo el patron


    Awesome! How did you get that ridge to show the hem on the bottom of the shirt? Or is that just where it overlaps the pants?

    I'm not into the Simpsons but I do crochet and this is fantastic!

    Well done! Great proportions!

    Great job, he looks perfect!

    I want one! Great job, now count up some stitches and get a pattern out, lol. I am going to try to make one using your pics as reference. I'm sure he will look like Frankenstein though. Awesome project!

    I have to say I'm not into crochet however I do enjoy the Simpsons & I like to see a job well done.
    This is without doubt the best Homer I have seen in many years & believe me raising four sons who are all fans of the show I have seen A LOT of them.
    How about a step by step 'ible to show us (particularly my better half) how to make one.
    If the ratings system was working I would certainly give this a high score.